Uht Sterilization Machine Price / Uht Milk Sterilizer Machine for Sale

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Product Description

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 Plate sterilizer
 It is specially designed for juice, tea beverages or similar liquid materials.
 The ideal equipment for quality purposes. According to different processes of heating, heat preservation and cooling of different materials by users
 Seeking to carry out different process combination design to meet the process requirements, with various protection measures and high temperature alarms.
 Low temperature reflow function. At the same time, according to user requirements, the corresponding high-precision automatic control system can be configured.
 Plate sterilizer is suitable
 Process requirements for heating, heat preservation and cooling of heat sensitive liquids such as fresh milk, juice drinks and alcohol.
 Plate sterilization machine classification
 Fully automatic configuration: using advanced computer program to control PLC technology, according to the set process requirements, all over
 Process production operation control, with CIP cleaning program, automatic cleaning.
 Semi-automatic configuration: The entire process of operation is semi-automatically controlled. The operator can access each from the control panel
 The pump, valve and return flow functions are controlled. The temperature is controlled by the temperature control PID. The temperature is on the recorder
 Continuous record.

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 1) All parts in contact with the equipment are made of SUS304/SUS316L stainless steel, casing gaskets and seals are made of food grade rubber, and the product fittings are connected by Wei. Health pipe fittings, meet the food safety testing standards required by the sanitary part
 2) Sanitary pump cycle;
 3) Steam heating and electric heating for selection;
 4) Three-layer cans with jackets and polyurethane as insulation material;
 5) External ice water and tap water for product cooling;
 6) RAMHOIST brand pasteurization machine is equipped with two tanks, one tank sterilization, one tank cooling, and continuous production;
 7) It has good bactericidal effect, low noise, adjustable speed, durability, safety and reliability, automatic temperature control and adjustment, and simple and  convenient operation;
 8) Some parts are placed on the stainless steel frame, which is convenient to move and convenient to maintain. Fresh milk is sent to the milk bar for pasteurization. After sterilization, it can be sold.
 Instant drinking, can also be taken home to drink, can also be stored in the refrigerator, the day can not be sold milk can be made on-site yogurt, ice cream, milkshake and other products,
 9) Custom design and manufacture according to customer's specific requirements.
 Fresh milk bar pasteurization machine RAMHOIST promises:
 1) Lifelong maintenance of all products of RAMHOIST, free maintenance of years, human factors or irresistible natural phenomena caused by failure or damage