Technical details of Milk sterilizer

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Message SubjectDemander sur Lait/crème à café /Mélange à crème glacée /crème/Milk Shake pasteurisateur stérilisation UHT de type tubulaire de
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Dairy milk production

1) The sterilizer must have 3000 L/H capacity.
2) it must be tubular
3) it must be made of 316 stainless steel
4) sterilization temperature 136 degree
5) sterilization time 20 s
6) input temperature 50 degree
7) output temperature 55 degree
8) fully automatic control system
Inquired Product

Milk/Coffee Cream /Ice Cream Mix /Custard/Milk Shake Pasteurizer Sterilizing Machine Tubular Type Uht
Milk/Coffee Cream /Ice Cream Mix /Custard/Milk Shake Pasteurizer Sterilizing Machine Tubular Type Uht

38000 USD/unit (FOB china)

technical details is as below:

Milk sterilizer
   BTG type sterilization it’s mainly composed of steam system, material system, hot water system, cooling system, reflux system, CIP cleaning system and control system;.

Ⅰ. Technical parameters:
 1. Purpose: used for liquid and viscous liquid products like juice, puree, milk etc;
 2. Capacity: 3000L/H;
 3. Sterilization temperature: 90-136℃(adjustable);
 4. Sterilization time: 20S;
 5. Whole Heating area: 3-4m2;
 6. Power: 4.5KW;
 7. Pressure: ≤0.7MP;
 8. Input temperature: 50℃(can be set)
 9. Output temperature: 55℃(can be set);
 10. PLC touch screen control the whole process;
 11. Sterilizer installation timetable, control cabinet installation display;
 12 .Steam consumption: 500-600kg/h, Pressure≤0.7MPa(prepared by the customer);
 13. Air consumption: 0.3m3/min, Pressure≤0.7MPa(prepared by the customer);
 14. Dimension: 3200×1200×1900mm(the final size according to the drawing);
 15. Material: SUS 316;
 16. The electrical control system of the equipment USES the whole process (from the cleaning of the equipment to the heat treatment of the material).The electric control cabinet is equipped with 10 "color touch screen, which monitors the work of the whole equipment.
 17. In the CIP cleaning mode, the water of the CIP cleaning machine is injected into the tank by the CIP cleaning system, open washing pump, open the pneumatic valve,and the CIP cleaning water is circulated to the water storage tank. The outlet of the storage tank is connected with the inlet of the return pump. By the CIP cleaning machine in accordance with the washing process cycle cleanin

Ⅱ. Site Phots:

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