Request a quotation for 500 uds of GRP rods 6m long each made on 55mm outer diameter on solid section from spain

Keyword:GRP rods   Time:2021-5-6 17:04:02

Customer: I´m writing you to kindly request a quotation for 500 uds of GRP rods 6m long each made on 55mm outer diameter on solid section. Made out of isophtalic polyester resine due to we need it to be UV resistance.


8.8 US $/m (FOB china)

Customer: We are interested in your product, can you please send me a technical data sheet, as I need to check mechanical properties to check it is fit for purpose.


data sheet.jpg

May i know what's the usage?

Customer: Thanks for sending me the information. 

They are to be used on tramway cantilevers.

RAMHOIST: ok, then our product has no problem.
pls contact me if any further question, thanks

Customer: Thanks for confirming that your product has no problem for this application, in case we get into the project it would be next January/February. But will let you know because we may require some samples to perform a test.

RAMHOIST: ok, we will assist you samples to perform test

we make the sample free and you need bear freight

Customer: Hello again Mr Yang, that sounds acceptable to me.

How much could cost to ship the samples to Spain? So I can raise this above.

I´m managing a possible transport. Can you please inform about the dimensions of the possible samples? Could it be at least 1m long?

RAMHOIST: no 1m long,  we only have stock for 20CM length with out diameter 60mm, i think for testing it is ok 

Customer: Good afternoon Mr Yang, Ok I understand about the length, however, can the diameter be 55m? as some pieces may not fit properly on 60mm.

RAMHOIST: need to make mould for 55mm, if we receive you advance payment, then we can make 55mm sample for you, hope you can understand

Customer: Totally understand no problem, let´s make it happen with 60mm, I´ll come up with something.

So for being able to arrange a transport, can you please let me know dimensions and weigh of the box?


dimension: 0.1*0.1*0.3 

weight: 1.5KG

Customer: I will let you know when I have arranged the transport.

Apologies for writing on your National Holiday, but just to inform that we are not collecting finally the sample, the company has declined the cost of transportation eventually.

However I am interested in the potential application your product has so we´ll keep in touch