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Message ContentHi,
your product picture looks good. do you have spear top instead of flat top?

please send product specifications and brochures.
Could you send me product catalogs with prices for reference?

Could you send me more product details and offer me the best price?

Best Regards,
Glen Williamson

RAMHOIST: we can make according to your request, do you have picutures of spear top, we can make totally same as yours

Customer: Please propose the spear design within your standard range, we don't have any specific design requirement, as long as the spear is sharp enough to serve the security purposes. 
Please allow for square tube not round tube. 
RAMHOIST: attached site photos of spear design with round tube.
below is the size:

spear design 1.jpg

spear design 3.jpg

spear design 4.jpg

spear design 2.jpg

Customer: Hi yang

Please quote Square tube rail about 40 x 40, with vertical tube size 25x25, post can be 50x50

Each panel size 1.8m x 2.4m total 2300 m.

RAMHOIST: 60 US $/pc (FOB china)

Customer: Can you please send me the catalogue and specification if you have any?

RAMHOIST: Specification is as we discussed before, thanks

Customer: This inquiry is no longer active, please disregard it, thank you.