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To save user’s purchase and installation costs, and based on the high reliability, high efficiency, and easy operation design principle, We have launched the tank mounted screw compressors with dryer and 3-class air filters. This type integrated package screw air compressor not only looks more beautiful, but also easy to use and movement. Once launched, it is welcomed and recognized by many users.

Advantage of Tank and Dryer Mounted Screw Air Compressor (all in one type)
Factory wholesale low prices
We do many OEM for international famous brand such as Ingersoll Rand.OWN
Energy-saving and ultra silent air compressor
High quality accessories(Imported from Germany)
Warranty:1 year whole machine,Main parts warranty for 3 years
Certification:ISO,CE,ASME,UL,CCC etc.

Product details
 Quick Details
 Showroom Location: Other
 Type: Screw
 Configuration: Stationary
 Power Source: AC POWER
 Lubrication Style: Lubricated
 Mute: No
 Model Number: KP-20HP, KP-20HP
 Voltage: 380V/415V 50Hz ( or 220V/440V 60Hz )
 Dimension(L*W*H): 1500*800*1630 mm
 Weight: 502kg
 Working Pressure: 16 bar
 Air capacity: 1.67m3/min
 Marketing Type: New Product 2021
 Warranty of core components: 2 years
 Gas Type: Air
 Capacity/Pressure  (m3/min/M Pa): 1.67m3/min 1.6MPa
 Power  V/HZ: 380V/415V 50Hz ( or 220V/440V 60Hz )
 Outlet  Diameter inch: RP1/2
 Minimum order Quantity: 1 set
 Packaging Details:  Ply-Wood case
 Delivery Time:  25-35 days
 Payment Terms:  L/C, T/T

 Supply Ability
 Supply Ability 5000 Set/Sets per Month
 Packaging & Delivery
 Packaging Details Ply-Wood case
 Lead Time:
 Quantity(Sets)  1 - 1     >1
 Est. Time(days) 25  To be negotiated

Screw Air Compressor

1.Air end :Germany GHH RAND air end;
2.Motor:Brazil WEG motor,IP55 protection,IE4 energy saving,
three phase induction motor,TEFC;
3.Oil air vessel:Italian EURE brand;
4.Italian Manuli oil tube;
5.French Schneider electric system

Refrigerated air dryer:

1.Compressor:Japanese Panasonic brand;
2.Energy saving-advanced heat exchanger design can reduce the heat of compressed air by more than half, thereby minimizing the
evaporative cooling system and reducing the energy consumption of the evaporative cooling system.

Precision filters

1.The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting;
2.The stainless steel inner and outer support nets increase the strength of the support layer and maximize the strength of the
filter element.

Air tank

1.Italian EURE brand,the lead pressure vessel manufacturer in the world;
2.540L adopt the design of two tank connected in a
series,it is high efficiency to filter the water,and low vibration.

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Air, as it's the most economic medium because it's much easier to obtain than oxygen and nitrogen, Every one knows the air contains about 20% oxygen and about 78% nitrogen, so it can make up for both shortage and cutting speed is slower than oxygen but faster than nitrogen. Since the oxygen is involved, the kerf turns a little bit yellow. It's the most economic option for you as long as you are okay with the color change.

Generally compressed air can be used for cutting sheet-metal parts, aluminum sheet, nonmetal and galvanized sheet etc., air assist can certainly reduce the oxide film and absolutely save your cost, therefore, air assist is more and more equipped in fiber laser cut industry.


Compressed air can be obtained easily with an air compressor, but not any air compressor can be equipped for Fiber Laser Cutter as the Air itself is not clean, especially after compressing, there are plenty of water, oil and particles and any of them sprayed on the lens, the transmission of laser beam will be seriously affected and focus scattered, resulting bad cutting effect such as bottom burrs or rough kerf, even obsolescence.

 Q1: Are you a direct manufacturer or just a trading company?
 A: We are a professional manufacturer with big modern workshops situated in Xiaoping Lithuania Industrial Park,Nanjing Province, China. Both OEM & ODM service are available.
 Q2: How about your delivery time?
 A: Generally 25-30 days. While if ordering special designs or customized models, shipping time will be somewhat longer. Exact time  please contact sales in advance to confirm then.
 A: One Year for the whole machine and two years for  screw air-end.
 Q4: How about your after-sales service?
 A: We provide customers with installation and  commissioning online instructions.well-trained engineer will troubleshoot  within 24-48 hours through online videos or calls.

High efficient

*Combined with direct driven arrangement for superior energy efficiency
*Water seals and cools for ideal compression
*Optimal compression processes with the water cooling

Minimum service costs
*Only air filter and water filter need maintenance
*No lubricant costs
*Fast and easy for minimal downtime

High reliability
*Simple and robust design
* Low-speed direct drive, no high speed gears
*Low operating temperatures, no special coatings

High-quality air
*Low air temperature, easy to dry and treat
*No coating on routers that can contaminate or pollute the air
*Class 0 air quality

Environmental safety
*Low noise level
*Reduce energy consumption

*No oil discharge to the environment

Please give us a chance. Trust our professional service and best offer.

• Professional manufacturer of air compressor system equipment

• Main products include Screw Air Compressor & Piston Air Compressor

• Cutting-edge technology & leading techniques: original German air end with SKF bearing, Siemens/ABB electricity system and spare parts of other world-famous brands. To ensure reliability, high performance, low noise and long life span

What we can supply:

* Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor (2~16 bar)
* All-in-one Screw Air Compressor with Tank, Dryer, and Filters (7~16 bar)
* Single-phase Small Screw Air Compressor for Home use (8~10 bar)
* Water-injected Oil-free Screw Air Compressor (2~40 bar)
* Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor (8~12 bar)
* Diesel&Electric Engine Portable Screw Air Compressor (8~30 bar)
* Air Dryer, Air tank, Filters, and other Spare parts

Advantages of integrated screw air compressor

1. Fewer parts and connections, reducing the possibility of unit failure and leakage;

Reduce the integrated piping system and greatly reduce the pressure loss;

Directly eliminate the dry compressed air, fully guarantee the air quality of the user terminal.

2. High reliability, fewer parts and no wearing parts, so it runs reliably, has a long life, and the interval between overhauls can reach 40,000 to 80,000 hours.

3. Convenient operation and maintenance. The screw compressor has a high degree of automation, and the operator does not need to go through long professional training, and can realize unattended operation.

4. Good power balance. The screw compressor has no unbalanced inertial force, the machine can work smoothly and at a high speed, and can realize no foundation operation. It is especially suitable for mobile compressors, with small volume, light weight and less floor space.

5. Strong adaptability. The screw compressor has the characteristics of forced air delivery, the volume flow is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and it can maintain high efficiency in a wide range. It is suitable for a variety of working conditions without any changes to the compressor structure.


Pressure differentiation of integrated screw air compressor

1. High pressure series

(1) The appearance is integrated, with air tank and air dryer

(2) The pressure range is 16bar (232psi) -30bar (435psi)

(3) Divided into fixed speed and permanent magnet frequency conversion series

2. Ordinary pressure series

(1) The appearance is integrated, with air tank and air dryer

(2) The pressure range is 7bar (101.5psi) -12bar (174psi)

(3) Divided into fixed speed and permanent magnet frequency conversion series