Diesel engine portable screw air compressor

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One of the more powerful air compressors in the industry, the Craftsman 60 gallon air compressor features an innovative twin cylinder inline oil lube pump that delivers 175 max PSI along with 11.5 SCFM at 90 PSI. This air compressor provides 2x longer air tool run time compared to Porter Cable 60 gallon 135 PSI compressors. The poly-v pulley and drive belt provides smooth operation of the air compressor with less vibration. In addition, the high efficiency aluminum flywheel is engineered to provide maximum air flow and allows for an efficient and smooth start-up. The Craftsman 60 Gal. 175 PSI air compressor is perfect for a small shop, automotive enthusiast or serious DIY user. This unit features a 208-230v electric motor. It should be connected to a power supply that is 230  Volt, 60 Hz, AC only. Please consult your local codes and a certified electrician before wiring this compressor for power. (This unit requires a 30 amp double pole breaker for proper installation) This compressor does not include a power cord.

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Product details
 Quick Details
 Applicable Industries: Construction works, Energy & Mining
 Showroom Location: None
 Type: Screw
 Configuration: PORTABLE
 Power Source: Diesel
 Lubrication Style: OIL-LESS
 Dimension(L*W*H): 3000*1600*2200mm
 Warranty: 3 years
 Working Pressure: 13 bar, 13Bar(190psi)
 Air capacity: 550cfm
 Marketing Type: ordinary Product
 Core Components: PLC, Engine
 Models: KSCY-550/13 screw air compressor
 Capacity: 550cfm (16m3/min)
 Diesel model: DEIESEL ENGINE
 Price: Factory price
 Delivery time: 10-15 working days
 Color: Yellow
 Cooling: Air Cooling
 Product name: screw air-compressors
 After-sales Service Provided: Online support
 Certification: ISO CE

 Supply Ability 50 Set/Sets per Month screw air-compressors
 Packaging Details
 Nude packing
 screw air-compressors
 Lead Time:
 Quantity(Sets)         1 - 5                          >5
 Est.  Time(days)       15                   To be negotiated

 Characteristic of air compressor for mining drilling rig and water well drilling rig:
 1.Low operating sound and less vibration design. Easy serviceability.
 2.Low fuel consumption to realize far distance outdoor usage; Full protection system,energy saving.
 3.High efficient Air end:
 4.Diesel Engine of Famous Brand:
 Select the diesel engine of CUMMINS and YUCHAI brand, satisfy the emission requirement of Europe, low oil consumption, after sale service system all over China.
 5.Good adaptability

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1.World advanced screw compressor with the features of highly efficiency, low maintenance and long lifetime
 2.Microcomputer ontrol system to automatically control the start and top the machine and adjust the air capacity.
 3.Complete protection function with fault alarm and indication
 4.Efficient filtering and exasperating system.
 5.Large loiterer cooler ensures the machines in optimum operation temperature when the ambient temperature is high.
 6.Efficient air-cooled enclosed motor
 7.Super low noise.

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 Q1:  Are you a manufacturer?
 A:  Yes, we are a professional down the hole drill rig and top hammer drill rig manufacturer.
 Q2:  What does your company produce?
 A:  The main products of our company include blasting drilling rig,water well drilling rig and all kinds of air compressors.
 Q3:  How about your delivery time?
 A:  Normally the delivery time is about 7-15 days. For some special case, we can make it within 2 weeks, it depends on different products.
 Q4:  What methods of payment do you accept?
 A:  We accept T/T, L/C.
 Q5:  Do you offer any deals or discounts?
 A:  Yes, price depends on different quantity, different quantity will give you different price.



Select Cummings/Yuchai diesel engine and other famous brand diesel engine,meet in China ll emission requirements,strong power,low fluel consumption, a nationwide after sale service system,the user can

enjoy rapid and perfect servie.
Air control systenm is simple and reliable, according to the size of air consumption,automatic adjustment

the air capacity between 0~100%,at the same time automatically adjusts the throttle of diesel engine, maximum to saving diesesl.

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■ Heavy duty SKF bearings, advanced single stage, or dualstage made for Sanrock oil injected air end. 

■ Energy saving full series, class 2 energy efficiency, ExtraLarge air displacement, more cost saving.
■ Computerized automatic control and protection system.Error free capacity control , unique Sanrock
   only electricalsystem with twice the operation range.

■ High quality heavy duty filtration system with safety filters.

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KSDY series portable screw air compressor is extensively used in mining, water conservancy, traffic, shipbuilding, civil construction, energy, and military industries. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, portable air compressor for power refers to screw air compressor for 100%.

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Screw Air Compressor Mainly Has the Following Advantages:

1. High reliability: The compressor has a few parts and no quick-wear part, thus it runs reliably, has long service life and its overhaul interval is 40,000~80,000 hours.

2. Easy operation and maintenance: It is highly automatic, so that operators can manage unattended operation without long-time professional training.

3. Good dynamic balance: Without unbalance inertia force, it can run at a high speed smoothly to realize non-foundation operation, and it is particularly suitable for portable compressor with small volume, light weight and small floor space.

4. Good adaptability: It is featured by forced air transmission, its volume flow is hardly influenced by discharge pressure, and it can maintain high efficiency within a wide speed range.

The electric portable screw air compressor is within power range of 11~250kW and its Capacity range covers 40m3/min. Each basic model can be changed to a series of products with different Capacity and Working pressure according to user needs.

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The air compressor is equipped with dynamic air volume adjustment function. During the drilling phase, the combination of air compressor exhaust pressure and gas volume can be automatically adjusted according to the depth of the drilling, thereby speeding up the drilling speed and increasing the overall drilling speed by 10%. Efficiency goes up, but fuel consumption is 5% lower than traditional air compressors

Features of KSCY compressors
1.More beautiful appearance,superior anti-corrosion perfoemance 2.Exhaust pipe is set in the tail position,more environmentally friendly 3.Part position and road system structure is more reasonable 4.Imported oil filter and customized oil and gas separator filter(Germany MANN) 5.Imported solenoid valve(advanced configuration)

6.Higher configuration of pipeline connection details parts.

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Packing & Container Loading for Portable 18bar working pressure S60 wheel type screw air compressor price for water well drilling

1.Water well drilling rig is firmly fixed with steel wire ropes to ensure the safety and no damage of the cargo during transportation.
2.Screw Air Compressor is firmly fixed with steel wire ropes to ensure the safety and no damage of the cargo during transportation.
3.Drilling Tools(such as hammer, drill bit, adapter, etc.) are packed in strong wooden case, it can keep cargo safety and no damage.
4. Drill Rods are Packed in pallets, it can keep cargo safety and no damage.

Mining Tractor Mobile Electric Portable Air Compressor without Tank HF29/23 (K) Portable Screw Air Compressor
Diesel mobile screw air compressor is special designed for water well and geothermal well drilling, which is widely used in highway, railway, mining, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other industries.


1. Main engine: large-diameter rotor design, the main engine and the diesel engine are directly connected through a highly elastic coupling, and there is no speed-increasing gear in the middle between them engine. The main engine rotates at the same speed as the diesel engine, with higher efficiency, better reliability and longer life.  

2. Diesel engine: Cummins, Yuchai and other famous domestic and foreign diesel engines are selected, which meet the national II emission requirements. With strong power, low fuel consumption, and nationwide after-sales service system, users can get rapid and comprehensive services.
3. The air volume control system is simple and reliable. According to the size of the air volume, the air intake volume is automatically adjusted from 0 to 100%, and the diesel throttle is automatically adjusted at the same time, which greatly saves diesel oil.
4. The microcomputer intelligently monitors air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel tank level and other operating parameters.
5. Multi-stage air filter, suitable for dusty working environment. Multi-stage fuel filter, suitable for the current status of domestic oil quality. Oversized oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature and plateau environments.
6. Spacious maintenance and repair door, all parts needed to be maintained are within easy reach. The maintenance of air filters, oil filters, fuel tanks, batteries and oil coolers is easy and convenient, reducing downtime.
7. Easy to move, it can still move flexibly under the harsh terrain conditions. Each compressor is equipped with lifting rings for safe and convenient lifting and transportation.

Product Application

KSCY Diesel portable Screw Air Compressor adopts 0-100% infinitely variable control of Capacity to realize optimal energy saving effect.
Design Characteristics of Screw Rotor Profile:
1. It fully realizes "Convex-Convex" engagement to assist in the formation of hydrodynamic lubrication film, to reduce horizontal leakage passing the contact zone, and to improve efficiency of the compressor; improve rotor processing and testing property.
2. It adopts the design thought of "large rotor, large bearing and low speed method", thus its revolving speed is 30-50% lower than that of other brands to reduce noise, vibration, and exhaust temperature, improve rotor rigidity, increase service life, and reduce sensibility to sundries and oil carbide.
3. Its power range is 4~355KW, where 18.5~250KW applies to the compressor without direct-coupled gearbox, 200KW and 250KW apply to the compressor with Level 4 direct-coupled motor and the speed is as low as 1480 rmp.
4. It fully conforms to and exceeds requirements in GB19153-2003 Limited Values of Energy Efficiency and Evaluating Values of Energy Conservation of Capacity Air Compressors.

Application scope of air compressor for water well drilling rig: This air compressor is especially designed for water conservancy

Diesel portable screw air compressor, which are widely used in highway, railway, mining, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military industry and other industries.

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Advantages of air compressor for water well drilling rig

1.World advanced screw compressor with the features of highly efficiency,low maintenance and long lifetime
2.Microcomputor control system to automatically control the start and top the machine and adjust the air capacity.
3.Conplete protection function with fault alarm and indication
4.Efficient filtering and seperating system.
5.Large oilfter cooler ensures the machines in optimum operation temperature when the ambient temperature
is high.
6.Efficient air-cooled enclosed motor
7.Super low noise.

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

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