30CFM 12bar with 300L air tank 7.5kw 10hp piston air compressor

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High pressure Air compressor 220v is widely used in pneumatic lock, pneumatic tool, tire inflation, blowing precess, spray paint, sand blasting and fluidic element and so on, the features are as follows : 

 1. Strongly power-driven and big airend with design, RAMHOIST air compressor owns bigger and heavier main parts than other products in the same trade with better selection and sufficient using of materials especially with main fittings, In addition, it is more suitable to be applied in the continuous operation under heavy load for long working time (24 time) with reliability and longer lifespan. 

 2. Special designed is made in heat emission and air flow, which leads to low air-output temperature and low possibility of carbon deposit. 

 3. The piston ring imported from Japan is introduce in designing pistol ring, which is durable and sealable. 

 4. RAMHOIST undergoes high-frequency hardening, which enables it especially abrasion-proof.

>>Application of electric air compressor

  • Filling station can be used for fire brigade divers base inflatable station.

  • Mine, oil field chemicals, ship, climbing, water sports center industry for human rescue.

  • Fire fighting, rescue, underwater operations breathing gas filling is ideal in rescue equipment.

>>Advantages of electric air compressor

  • Low vibration: With special rubber feet on wheel, reduce vibration during operation.

  • Pure air flow: Filtered by air filter, near no impurity in the air. Also can connecting a oil water filter to ensure outputing clean air.

  • Safe in using: With multiple self protection system to ensure equipment and personal safety

  • Easy operation: Quite simple operation, no need any more maintenance, just drain water three days a time regularly

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Powerful type big head design, use good, enough material. Strengthening design for the main components, dimension of the handpiece, weight all more than other factories, high safety, and low speed, particularly suitable for heavy duty,long time continuous operation, particularly high reliability and long service life.

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Electric air compressor
1. Piston Cylinder
    (1) Using boron cast iron prolonged wear- resisting
    (2) Particularly suitable for dusty wild circumstance
    (3) Good thermal diffusivity with copper wire
2. Multiple self protection system
    (1) Pressure switch
    (2) Safety valve
    (3) Pressure gauge
    (4) Oil glass
3. Motor
    100% Copper wire motor, high efficiency.
4. Energy saving more than 10% higher than normal air compressor.

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Portable belt driven industrial 70/100/150L 3hp air compressor
1.Belt-driven air compressors
2.Powerful cast iron pump,big horse power for using
3.Best choice for factories
4.Metal cover for protecting the belt and wheels
5.Various pumps can be matched with different tank capacity for choices of customers

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The basic working principle of gas or air compressor can be easily understood. Basically, it works by changing the volume of the gas or air. It uses a piston or diffuser to increase the pressure of the working fluid.

When the working fluid enters into a diffuser, it changes the speed of the fluid into pressure energy. In this way, a compressor compresses the gas or air. After the compression process, the compressed air is transformed into a storage tank.

Main Features
1) Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintation. 
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts and operation parts. 
3) High pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing. 
4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution 
5) Apply a linker to connect with the air conveyor, which can directly inline with filling machine. 

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Cylinder: Made of boron cast iron; wear resistant; special suitable for dust condition.
Cylinder cover: Extrution process adopted; streamlined external appearance; good heat emission performance
Thickening of high qualified steel plate, the latest sheet metal welding technology, high stength, beautiful and durable. 
The motor provides reliable power, low voltage startup and running performance strong fan cooled motor and body; special shock proof design.
Piston ring: Special design, integral casting; excellent flexibility, lowest lubricating oil consumption.

1  Stable performance pump and motor to guarantee the longevity of air compressor. our motor are with thermal protection systerm.
2 100% factory tested at full pressure to make sure the reliability and safety of each product before shipment.
3  Metal cover for protecting the belt and wheels
4  Cast iron cylinder for strength and durability.
5  Spheroidal graphite cast iron crankshafts for maximum strength.
6  Low vibration for smooth operation.
7 Intelligent microcomputer controller available to make your air compressor much convenient, safety and intelligent.

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1. CE, EMC GS certified air compressor
2. Piston air compressor, portable, movable, easy to move with wheels and handle
3. Good work performance, quick air inlet 
4. Different power and air delivery with 2hp, 3hp 10HP powerful motor
5. Standard export configuration and package you can chose carton wood case.
6. Copper wires or alumimum wires can be available

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Low speed design, quieter running and longer life;
Reed valve design, more efficiency.
Air filter use imported filter paper production, good filtering and sound attenuation effect, durable;
Electromagnetic switch adopts imported brands, such as Schneider, Teco, etc;
Piston ring use Japan’s riken ring, durable, non-refuelling;
Respirator channel using labyrinth structure, guarantee not leak oil.
About moving parts precision and balance, stable running and low noise.
One-way valve core adopts new type of composite materials, guarantee not leak air.
Fan wheel adopts the patent technology of Zhejiang university, better cooling effect.
Suitable for 16 hours continuous running.

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Supply Ability
 1000 Piece/Pieces per Week
 Packaging & Delivery
 Lead Time:
 Quantity(Pieces)               1 - 1                               >1
 Est. Time(days)                   7                       To be negotiated

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High air discharge quantity, Enlarged air tank Supplying stable and sufficient compressed air with larger air tank to guarantee no compressed air shortage.The Air Tank is treated with sand blast and powder painting to ensure beautiful outlooking and long lasting.

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Feature:(belt driven air compressor ) :
1. Pressure cast iron pump, can be adapted to use large horsepower;
2. Is a foundry, steel factory, wood factory, cement plant, the best choice;
3. Different types of pump head configured in different storage tank, available to customers choose;
4. Crankcase than the old product, depressed, not easy in injection, wall thickness than the old products with low noise;
5. Convex oil standard, easy customer observation level.

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At the beginning, it manufactured the first continuous piston compressor. After a long time of research, our compressor is super in quality and durable.

ApplicationCompressed Air
Motor power


our company produces piston compressors for a long time. In terms of technology, we have reliable experience, with the optimum compression ratio, high efficiency, simple and compact structure, therefore the volume is convenient.

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Secondly, our compressor design is simple and easy for operation, you can also use the extened range.
Additionally, we provide better compression efficiency and thermal efficiency performance than before.

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Accessories of these air compressor are also available,like,compressor hose,bearing,senser,filter,drain valvesgauges,oil separator,belt,ect.
Besides,there are many other brand of air compressors afforded by our company,including:Copeland,Sanborn,Campbell air,Hitachi,Curtis,Husky,Sullair,Devilbiss,Coleman,Ridgid,Hidden Brand,Atlas,Bostitch,Champion,Kobalt,Emglo,Schulz,Ingersoll rand,Thomas,Kawasaki,Rolair,Cummins,Bel,Dayton,Elgi,Quincey,ABAC,Compair,Craftman,Cfm,Bendix,LiuTech,Bolaite,united osd air compressor

1. Adopt double cylinder symmetrical crankshaft design. Smooth running. Small vibration.
2. Motor (220V) adopts double capacitor starting operation. Motor starting torque is strong. Single capacitor running.
3. The motor adopts full copper wire winding. Can work normally in the range of 0.85 times to 1.1 times the rated voltage.
4. External overload protector. High sensitivity, to prevent the motor from overload operation.
5. Adopt belt drive. Effectively reduce the starting torque of air compressor motor.
6. The valve plate adopts double valve plate valve piece sealing structure. It is conducive to reducing the noise of air compressor.
7. Add cooling piece at the end of exhaust pipe. Increase the heat dissipation area and reduce the exhaust temperature.
8. The main engine wheel adopts wind blade structure design. To reduce the temperature of the main engine.
9. The protective cover adopts the fully enclosed steel wire structure. Good protection.

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Long service life
Heat dissipation is one of the key factors of long-lasting air compressors.The unique structure design of Swan bare compressors, enlarged fan and good heat dissipation metal materials are all other significant factors of prolonging service life.

24 hours continuous running
Enforced lubrication, lower oil pressure protection
Our air compressor S series with horsepower above 15 HP are equipped with special enforced lubricating system,which are capable of running 24 hours continuously with start/stop frequently, and under tough working environment.

Long-last oil filtering system
Long-last oil filtering system will provide clean oil every day, no need to worry about parts damaged due to dirty oil.

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Smart control panel
The in-time lubricating and no-load start/stop design enable to eliminate wearing damages to all mechanical parts during ON/OFF and loading/unloading operations. The friendly self-diagnosis control system will monitor exactly the running conditions of the remote compressors and is able to self-adjust the air discharge quantity flexibly due to different air consumption. The intelligent design of this multi-protection control system enables to prevent any accident from happening in time.

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Long-last oil filtering system

Enforced lubricated bare compressor

Power:7.5KW 10HP
Number & Cylinder Bore:2×Φ100+1×Φ80mm
Main Engine Revolution:850r/min
Exhaust capacity:30CFM/1.2Mpa
Gas tank capacity: 320  liters
500L air tank/Customized

The portable 100 litre air compressor packed with bubble bag and carton as the first protection. For the outer part protection there are carton, wooden-frame and hard paper carton for selection. Cusomized packing is available. Logo printing, customized instruction book, color, voltage and other subjects are available. And our experienced service team will help you finish the program successfully.
*  Three - phase asynchronous motor good performance, can save a variety of materials.
*  Large gas output.
*  Low vibration.
*  Mobile.
*  Ensure the use of pneumatic tools.
*  Alternator air compressor.
*  Heat-protected alternator.
*  Automatic start and stop of pressure switch
*  Suitable for all kinds of decoration use.

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 Q1:  Warranty terms of your air compressor?
 A1:  One year warranty for the air compressor and technical support according to your needs.
 Q2:  Will you provide some spare parts of the machines?
 A2:  Yes, of course.
 Q3:  What about product package?
 A3:  We pack our products strictly with standard seaworthy case.
 Q4:  Can you use our brand?
 A4:  Yes, OEM is available.
 Q5:  How long will you take to arrange production?
 A5:  Immediate delivery for stock products. 380V 50HZ we can delivery the goods  within 7-15 days. Other voltage or other color we will delivery within 25-30 days.
 Q6:  How Many Staff Are There In your Factory?
 A6:  About 100.
 Q7:  What's your factory’s production capacity?
 A7:  About 550-650 units per month.

Auto / Semi-Auto SelectionU type: The compressor will execute loading or unloading operation automatically through the pre-set pressure values and pressure release valve. This control model is recommended for those air compressors whose duty cycle over 50%. 

P type: To stop and start the compressor by a pre-set pressure switch . This control model is recommended for intermittent operation and smaller compressors. The correct selection of the control model will extend compressor service life and reduce power consumption.

220V 3phase/Gasoline Can Customized air compressor
1. Longer usage life, Big volume air tank, Easy operation with high performance
2. Oil-free, belt driven, piston type
3. It manufactures clean oil-free compressed air, and widely used in medical, chemical, food, electronic, spraying industry and other places which required compressed air
4. Using the enclosed crankcase bearings to create a green environment
5. Using high strength and high temperature, wear -resistant bearings to make its long using life.
6. Using special wear-resistant, high temperature of piston rings to extend the replacement of ring more than 8000 hours.
7. Reliable, easily installed, economical, portable, easy handle, Simple structure, high efficiency and cost-effective.
1. All oil-free piston main engine, self-lubricating polymer materials are used for the guide ring and cylinder liner in the cylinder, and the iron connecting rod transmission device guarantees continuous conduction and stability without deviation and wear, and can guarantee 6000-8000 hours of trouble-free operation.
2. Using 2.2mm thick pure copper pipe, the gas circuit guarantees that the compressed gas quickly dissipates heat, does not accumulate water, does not scale, does not corrode, does not leak, and has the characteristics of safety and durability.
3. The main engine and motor transmission device adopts a characteristic fast-circulation heat dissipation system design, which can quickly cool down, and the belt is tightened with an automatic adjustment device to ensure free adjustment of exhaust volume and exhaust pressure, which is convenient for automatic adjustment of air volume and pressure requirements under different working conditions.

Different types: 

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Double Air Tank Diesel Portable Best-Selling Engine Oil Piston Air Compressor are mainly used to supply stable and clean compressed air to the pneumatic tools and keep them working smoothly and efficiently.
1.Valve plate and spring strip:made of special steel from Sweden and after special treatment;high efficient and reliable
2.Piston ring:special design;integral casting;excellent flexibility; lowest lubricating oil consumption
3.Cylinder:made of boron cast iron;wear resistant; special suitable for dusty condition
4.Cylinder cover:extrusion process adopted;streamlined external appearance;good heat emission performance
5. Simple structure light weight easy to move
6. Energy saving Low cost
7.Easy operating and maintenance