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Air compressor is mainly used at pressed air area, for example, spary guns, pneumatic tools, car maintenance, and industrial zone, just be one of general industrial machine 

Gasoline driven air compressor
A gas powered air compressor uses fuel to compress air into a cavity. Once this air has been compressed it can then be discharged with a great amount of force. The mechanics of air compression are simple. Gas, (in this case air), is forced into a cavity and sealed off from escape. As the compressor forces more air into the cavity the air compresses, when released through a small nozzle,this compressed air is extremely powerful. It will exit the cavity, the compressor, with speed and force.

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(1)Petrol engine air compressors

(2)The best choice when electric power is not avaliable

(3)Various air pump and various petrol engine for customer's different needs

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1.Heavy cast iron body: heavy load, long stroke, low fuel consumption, low noise

2.Cylinder: made of high-grade cast iron, strength, good lubricity, wall by the fine honing, wear-resistant, durable

3.Piston ring: good elasticity, excellent wear resistance, low oil consumption, not easy to make the valve group carbon deposition and loss of oil to burn the crankshaft and connecting rod.

4.The crankshaft, connecting rod, piston: well balanced, wear resistance, high strength, smooth running balance.

5.High reliable and durable valve; strong aluminum alloy body, light and heat.

6.The best choice for outdoor using, such as: field,road,mountain,because it's with gasoline engine.

7.Double nozzles, were used to direct the exhaust and pressure exhaust; pressure switch with push button, safe and convenient

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Compressed Air Solutions:

All the professionalism you need to have your correct supply of AIR(Air Volume, Air Pressure and Air Quality) • When it comes to air (you need it, we have it). • Piston compressors Cast Iron, Aluminum. • Screw compressors, and all compressor accessories. • Motors, Air Pumps, Regulators, Filters, Dryers, after coolers and so on. • Our Heavy Duty Air Compressors with a sense of(Quality saves your cost) • Unique Design and Engineering, special Machining Standards. • Skilled labor for assembly line, backed up with technical support worldwide.

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This is Air Compressor gasoline type GS13-4240 with 100L tank Gasoline engine  etrol air compressor good price.

We are manufacturer of air compressing equipment, including Piston Air Compressor, gasonline air copmressor, and other air asonline.

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1. CE, EMC GS certified air compressor

2. Piston air compressor, portable, movable, easy to move with wheels and handle

3. good work performance, quick air inlet 

4. different power and air delivery with 2hp, 3hp 10HP powerful motor

5. standard export configuration and package you can chose carton wood case.

6. copper wires or alumimum wires can be available 

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- Rugged compressor with cast iron cylinders

- “V” design minimizes vibration, improves cooling and extends compressor life

- Individual and removable cylinders for smoother and cooler operation

- 5.5 HP Honda Engine Model Number GX160, smooth quiet operation and maximum reliability

- Super large 10 gallon capacity twintanks

- Steel rim tire for easy handling and maneuverability

- Convenient oil drain on front of unit

- Outlet control regulator with multiple quick couplers

- Liquid filled pressure gauges

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Gas or petrol engine belt driven Professional portable air compressor TWIN air tanks. 

1) Single stage for 8 bar/ 115 psi working pressure, while ohter pressure set avaialble.
2) V style cast iron air pump with 6.5 hp hand start gasoline engine.
3) Complete assembly with idle system.
4) Twin tank each in 16 litre, with pallet feet and one 10" solid wheel, while other capacities of tank available.

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Scuba diving compressor, diving compressor,paintball compressor,breathing compresor,high-pressure compressors, in line with the national design standards of ventilating, coal mine, military, ship, diving and marine, have reached the GB18435-2001 standard of diving breathing gas, and have filled the blank of high-pressure air compressors. By the European H0BRAND detection, the exported products accords with the EN12021 international standard of breathing air compressor, reaching the world-class level

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Hot selling big power petrol industrial 13 hp gasoline engine air compressor

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Gasoline petrol engine driven belt air compresor 
1. Top brand engine, Zongshen, lifan or longxin brand gasoline engine, be sure to has good working performance at wild field conditions 
2. Automatic energy saving device, when loading the compressor, device push the oil switch, starting working, and when offloading, device unclench the oil switch, so save fuel for engine 
3. Italy model design, so more popular at you local market 
4. Installed handle bar and universal castor, so easy to be movable 
5. Complete closed fan cover, conform to EU regulations

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1.Gasoline engine portable piston air compressor

2.Reliability and high quality

3.Saving energy excellent

4.CE,ISO9001-2008 certification

5.Thermal overload - Protector

6.Maximum Pressure - 8Bar

7.1 year limited warranty

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1] optimum quality,high performance and low maintenance.
[2] reasonable price
[3] various specification and models for your choice.
[4] we are leading air compressor factory with rich experience.
[5] our motor are with thermal protection systerm.
[6] better service consciousness. we insist that  after-sale service is not the end of sale. but the begining of sale.

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we have many years 's practice in desinging and making air compressor in China mainland, and sell to many regions all over the worlds.
We are a factory for providing customized models of Air Compressing both screw and pistion, also gasonline, diesel and electric AC types. 

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We are a professional manufacturer in air compressing equipment industry. By the past several years of practice and reserch, we have developed not only a series of air compressor, but also more other air compressing treatment equipment.


(2)Our main products series: air compressor commcon piston type, oil free air compressor, air compressor screw type, air compressor AC/DC supply type, pressure vessel, explosion-proof device, air compressing treatment instrument, we offer OEM service.

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1. carton or customized color carton can be made, honeycomb carton also is available

2. strong carton package ensures goods safe during transportation

3. color carton can be made based on MOQ 500pcs 

The gasoline air compressor are packed with bubble bag and carton as the first protection. For the outer part protection there are carton, wooden-frame and hard paper carton for selection. Cusomized packing of the gasoline air compressor is available. Logo printing, customized instruction book, color, voltage and other subjects are available. And our experienced service team will help you finish the program successfully.

1.  Excellent design, attention to details, so that every part of the air compressor can make customers feel that we are
2.  Pay attention to customer experience and quality feedback, and achieve the ultimate in product details.
3.  Keep the innovative thinking forever, so that our air compressor is always in the stage of being imitated by others.
4.  And what customers think, so that customers get the benefits forever is the direction of our continuous efforts.
5.  Pay attention to us, you will find that we will continue to introduce new air compressors to the market.

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