Pipeline and GRP Fiberglass pipe or analog replacement

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LTD T***** is a supplier of equipment for NPP  Nuclear
Power plants in India and the republics of Bangladesh.
From your Web-site We came to know that you manufacture
Fiberglass pipes and products.
We'd like to enquire about the following of equipment for NPP Akkuyu.
Pipeline working TP 1 Fiberglass pipe DN 300, SN 5000, PN 6, ---- 1300 pcs
L=5.7 m GRP FLOWTITE type FP. Free steel flange
DN 300, SN 5000, PN 6 complete with O-ring.
Flange mating flange 300-10-01
Pipeline working TP 3 Fiberglass pipe DN 250, SN 10000, PN 6, --- 1100 pcs
L=4.945 m GRP FLOWTITE type FP. Fiberglass concentric pipe
DN 250x300, SN 5000, PN 6, L=0.125 m. GRP FLOWTITE
Pipe DN 300, SN 5000, PN 6, L = 0.43 m GRP FLOWTITE ---530 pcs
Type FP. GRP FLOWTITE FPC coupling DN 300, SN 5000, PN 6
GRP FLOWTITE Pipe DN 200, SN 10000, PN 6, with plug at the end,
DN 200, SN 5000, PN 6
Please inform us about your selling conditions.

 Thanks in advance,

管道工作TP 1玻璃纤维管DN 300,SN 5000,PN 6,---- 1300 支

长度 = 5.7 m,玻璃钢 FLOWTITE型FP。 自由钢法兰

DN 300,SN 5000,PN 6配备O形圈。


管道工作TP 3玻璃纤维管DN 250,SN 10000,PN 6,--- 1100

长度 = 4.945 m 玻璃钢 FLOWTITE型FP。 玻璃纤维同心管

DN 250x300,SN 5000,PN 6,L = 0.125 m。 Grp Flowtite

管道DN 300,SN 5000,PN 6,L = 0.43 m Grp Flowtite --- 530

类型FP。 玻璃钢  Flowtite FPC直管接头DN 300,SN 5000,PN 6

GRP Flowtite 管 DN 200,SN 10000,PN 6,末端插头,

长度 = 5.2 m 玻璃钢 FLOWTITE型FP。 GRP Flowtite FPC直管接头

DN 200,SN 5000,PN 6