Inquiry for winch and spare parts from Viet Nam

Keyword:winch and spare parts   Time:2021-3-13 8:17:01

My name is Thai. I from ***** Engineering Joint Stock Company. We specialize in import shipbuilding equipment in Viet Nam.

As we now, you are a major supplier of shipbuilding equipment and materials.

We are having a project in Vietnam that requires a quotation for the equipment catalog.

Could you please send me the price list according to the attached list?

We look forward to cooperation and feedback from you soon.

Thanks and Best regards!

Anchor Winch "Pushnes" 160/35 EW arendal; Norway. order number: 05520 VOL 1-11/B   No 197, FELS

Spare parts for hydraulic cylinder - Drw: 190842.101.00

6O-ring D44,5 x 5,7 Nitril002440-16300Drw:   190842.101.00  pos   205pcs48 Pusnes CO   &CQ
5Back-up-ring D 55/45 PTFE002445-03300Drw:   190842.101.00  pos 208pcs32 Pusnes CO   &CQ
4Back-up-ring  D 175/160  PTFE002445-00100Drw:   190842.101.00  pos   207pcs32 Pusnes CO   &CQ
3O   ring   D 174,2 x 5,7  Nitril002440-01400Drw:   190842.101.00  pos   203pcs16 Pusnes CO   &CQ
2O   ring    D 140,2 x 5,7  Nitril 002440-01600Drw:   190842.101.00  pos   204pcs16 Pusnes CO   &CQ
1O   ring    D 150,1 x 8,1  Nitril002440-01300Drw:   190842.101.00    pos 206pcs16 Pusnes CO   &CQ
2Disc   spring 150 x 81 x 10  002345-00200Drw:   190842.101.00  pos   209pcs100 Pusnes CO   &CQ
3Adjusting   Brake Screw306489-000.0Drw:   190842.101.00  pos   101pcs5 Pusnes CO   &CQ
4Axial   ball bearing 5141051410   SKFDrw:   190842.101.00  pos   212pcs8 Pusnes CO   &CQ

Hydraulic  Brake System of Winch Electric Motor .  Drw: 290463.101.102.00

5Back-up   ring  S-50093-30024Drw:   290463.101.102.00pos   210pcs10 Pusnes CO   &CQ
6Back-up   ring  S-50093-57109Drw:   290463.101.102.00pos   212pcs10 Pusnes CO   &CQ
7O-ring   D 24,5 x 3   Angus24,5   x 3Drw:   290463.101.102.00pos   211pcs10 Pusnes CO   &CQ
8O-ring   D 109,3 x 5,7 Angus109,3   x 5,7Drw:   290463.101.102.00pos   213pcs10 Pusnes CO   &CQ
9Piston   rod408097-000.00Drw:   290463.101.102.00pos   105pcs1 Pusnes CO   &CQ
10Piston   I408092-00000Drw:   290463.101.102.00pos   100pcs1 Pusnes CO   &CQ
11Piston   II408093.000.00Drw:   290463.101.102.00pos 101pcs1 Pusnes CO   &CQ
12Brake   lining408087.000.00Drw:   290463.101.102.00pos   107pcs12 Pusnes CO   &CQ
13Disc   spring 125 x 64 x 5MubeaDrw:   290463.101.102.00Pos   200pcs6 Pusnes CO   &CQ

Spare   parts for Hydraulic pump F30B-35-RK-APLO 

CO   &CQ
14Ball   bearing 6006 NSE 
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   44pcs6 Pusnes CO   &CQ
15Piston   assy complex 
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   30comp2 Pusnes CO   &CQ
16Cylinder   barrel assy  
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   60set2 Pusnes CO   &CQ
17Disc   pring 
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   45pcs24 Pusnes CO   &CQ
18Low   pressure hydraulic filter
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   43pcs4 Pusnes CO   &CQ
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   23pcs4 Pusnes CO   &CQ
20Shaft   seal 
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   133pcs4 Pusnes CO   &CQ
21Slide   plate 
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   63pcs4 Pusnes CO   &CQ
22O   ring
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   137pcs8 Pusnes CO   &CQ
23O   ring
Publ   No 152-8812 GBPos   138pcs8 Pusnes CO   &CQ

Driving   shaft- Drw. 290941.101.102.00

Pneumatic   coupling air flex: VC-5000; Type: 24 VC1000; Transtech A/S; Norway;   1983y. 

24Tube   with valve stem snap rings
Drw.   290941.101.102.00pos   2pcs4 Pusnes CO   &CQ
25Replacement   Friction lining No 404673
Drw.   290941.101.102.01pos   10pcs24 Pusnes CO   &CQ