Hydraulic Winch & Wire Line Winch with Motor Specifications

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Customer: My company mainly deals with drilling equipments in Pakistan.

Currently , we are looking for hydraulic winches for drill rig.

Detailed specifications are attached, please check & let me know accordingly.
1. Main Winch

S.N.DescriptionTechnical RequirementsCompliance by Manufacturer
1Two-Speeds Hydraulic Winch

aLine Pull at Second Layer at 32.5m/min15000kg
bMax. Line Pull at Second Layer at 60m/min8000kg
cWire Rope ɸ24mm   (Non-Twisting)82 Meters
dDirection (Hoisting)Clock-wise
eMax Pump Delivery250 l/min
fHydrualic Presure245 Bar
gWire Rope Guide MechnisimTension Rollers
hBreak TypeMulti Disc
    Negative Brake

iPreferable Gometry of the WinchFig-A

2Hydraulic Motor

iTypeAxial Piston
iiDisplacement CC/Rev. (CC)160
iiiSpeed (rpm)5500
ivTorque (≥ NM)1200
vControl DeviceProportional Control Hydraulic
viPressure ControlFixed Setting
viiDirection of RotationBi-directional
viiiSetting Range for DisplacementExact setting for Vg max and Vg min
ixDrive ShaftSplined Shaft DIN 5480
xMounting Flange4 hole
xiSAE Flange Ports A and BAt Side (Opposite)
xiiBeginning of Controlat Vg min (Standard for HA)

3Spare AssembliesQuantity
aHydraulic Motor1 No.
bComplete Planetary Set01 No.
cComplete Brake Set01 No.
dCounter Balance Valve01 No.

4Wire Line Hydraulic Winch

iMax. Line Pull at 1st Layer at 100-150m/min1000-1200kg
iiMax. Line Pull at 9th Layer at 190-200m/min700-800kg
iiiWire Rope ɸ6mm   (Non-Twisting)1000 meter
ivHoisting DirectionClock-wise
vMax Pump Delivery125 Liter/min
viHydraulic Pressure260 Bar
viiDual Wire Rope Guide MechanismSpooling Device (Auto Reverse   Screw Mechanism and Spring Pressed Rollers)
viiiPreferable ometry of the WinchFig-B&C

5Hydraulic Motor

aTypeAxial Piston
bDisplacement CC/Rev. ( CC)34.2
cDirection of RotationBi-directional

6Spare AssembliesQty
iHydraulic Motor01 No.
iiComplete Gear Set01 No.
iiiComplete Brake Set01 No.


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