Inquiry about Mounting plate for boat winch from United States

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Message SubjectInquiry about 12V 2000lbs Electric Boat Ship Anchor Trailer Winch
Message ContentHi.  Can you please quote me for just one component in this kit.  I need the "Mounting bracker for trailer hitch ball mounting" .  I need 100 pieces.  Thank you.  Alan
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12V 2000lbs Electric Boat Ship Anchor Trailer Winch
12V 2000lbs Electric Boat Ship Anchor Trailer Winch

RAMHOIST: would you pls send the photo and dimension of  the "Mounting bracker for trailer hitch ball mounting" 

we need to check whether our component is totally same as your? thanks

Customer: The part measures: 5" x 9" x 0.5".  I've attached photos (below)

Mounting plate for boat winch supplied by customer2.jpg

Mounting plate for boat winch supplied by customer3.jpg

RAMHOIST: we check and measure the mounting plate, and found it is same as yours, pls check this link:

10 USD/pc (ex-works)

RAMHOIST: May i know if you have received below offer and pictures? thanks

Customer: Yes, I did, thank you.  I'm still researching prices.  I saw a retailer here in the US who will sell to me for $6 US, but they only have a limited quantity.  They tell me the part is made here in the US, but i find that hard to believe.
Thank you and I appreciate your time on this.

RAMHOIST: you need ask them to take photos to see the style and measurement, this is the original mounting plate, if not for the orignal the measurment and style will be different, and you can not mount them on your existing one.

Customer: I have found photos from many different winch sellers that include this exact same plate in their kit. I can share with you if you would like. 

Here are some photos from various companies.


RAMHOIST: different quality leads price different, may i know what's the target price you want to order

besides, you need install screw or not?

Customer: I don’t need the bolts. I’d like to pay $5US/pc. I can buy 100 pcs. 

RAMHOIST: DO u have agent in China to send?

Customer: I do not. I’ve never purchased resale items in bulk from China. 
I suppose this is the difficult part?

RAMHOIST: since if we send 100 pcs to US by air, the air freight is very high, we need to send by sea, if you have agent or other items to come along with it, sea freight is much cheaper.

if not, may i know which sea port is convenient for you to pick up?

CustomerI'm looking at your winches.  Specifically, i'm looking at your atv winch that has the solenoid and low amperage remote trigger.  See picture from your product catalog.
atv winch made in china.jpg
I have no use for the hook or the cable fairlead.
I need a price for 20 pcs with possibility for 100.

RAMHOIST: May i know your need 3500LB, 4000LB or 4500LB?
Do you need remote control also? thanks

CustomerI need to hold right now. Please don’t delete. I’ll be back in touch just as soon as I have time. 

RAMHOIST: May i know if any update? thanks

CustomerI’m not currently doing any business. I will be in touch when things open up in the US. 

RAMHOIST: well noted, thanks

how seriese is suitiation in your local now?

CustomerWe are asked to stay at home so work is difficult. We’ll get through it.

RAMHOIST: It's a long time since last talk.
how are you?

CustomerThings are good here. I have located the original part and am not currently in need of the aftermarket part we spoke of. I am, however, still interested in maintaining a business relationship with you. 

Thank you for reaching out. 

CustomerAll is well here, except for covid shutdowns.  I'm not going to need that part for some time now as i've found a significant quantity of the discontinued winch.
I'll reach out if there is anything we can do together.