Inquiry about Wire Rope Slings, Hand pallet truck, Electric Mini Wire winch and single phase mini construction crane from London

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Customer: We want to know more about your lifting machine such as price.

RAMHOIST: there are so many lifting machine, would you check our website: for what you are interersted in
or send you detailed request.

Customer: Sending you picture of 2 hoists.
I am using one of them.
Simply too slow.
More useful as toys.
SEcond hoist .
Can it be used on building sites.?

RAMHOIST: yes, can be used in building site, may i know the capacity and quantity you need, thanks

Customer: I have been using these on building sites.

They are really slow to the point that make you think you are toys as I said to you on our earlier mail.

Give me more details about hoist No 2

I will buy another hoist too

Hoist 2

RAMHOIST: second one has 20m/min



Customer: What weight can it lift ?
It is electrical. Right ?.

Will you sell a sample?

RAMHOIST: the max. weight it lift is 500KG.
yes, it is electric.
we can send you a sample, do you have agent in china to send?
Customer: Yes, i have an agent.
In fact, I will be loading a container from Foshan soon.
How can you help us ?
RAMHOIST: that will be great.
you can ask your agent to pay chinese yuan (RMB) to us and tell us the actual location, we will send the sample to them
that's easier for both of us.

Customer: What is the price. I mean how How much ?

What other lifting item you have that can carry weight up to 9 to 10m height ?

I do not mind machines that can carry light weight , say 200 kgs at a time .

Tell me more about this crane.
Does it work on a single phase electric supply ?
How high can it lift materials?

Crane 1.png

RAMHOIST: 270 USD to foshan
it can lift materail 12 m with weight 500KG 

yes, it work on a single phase electric supply.

Customer: Now tell me if the cables stick..
I mean I cannot find the right word.
In some models the cables just run on top of each other and create problems.
Confirm this model has a mechanism that prevent it from rolling wrongly

I also enquired about another model crane.
Please let me have the price too.
RAMHOIST: the cable is stick.
200 USD

Customer: I have requested details for another lifting
Have you got that mail.?

Sending you picture of the crane.
Tell me all about this crane

Crane 1.png
RAMHOIST: pls check this link:   
the link is the samller one than you request.

Customer: i have sent you the picture of the crane.
Have you received it ?

Seen the picture etc.
just for record, we use 3 pin UK style plug.
Kindly note our requirement .
Now, please tell me how fast does this crane lifts weight ?

RAMHOIST: 14m/min

Customer: Delivery address.
This will be delivery address:
Is it OK ?
******Panyu District,Guangzhou,China.

RAMHOIST: the address is ok, pls confirm both the second hoist and this mini construction will be sent to this address?  with what's the quantity?

Customer: I will revert back to you in a few minutes.
Making last mins check to see what more I can buy from you
Just saw 2 more items which interest us.
Hand pallet and
wire rope .
Give price, please.

See below

Wire Rope sling.png

RAMHOIST: hand pallet you mean hand pallet truck? then inform the capacity?
wire rope, pls inform the size
and what's the quantity you need

Customer: About quantity: I am buying sample to see first quality. Bigger order will come later.
bout the hand pallet truck, about 2 tons will do.
Nylon wheel.Give us price of the cheapest model and the highest price model. We can then decide.

RAMHOIST: hand pallet truck, 2ton, Nylon wheel, Fork outer width 550mm: 120 USD

Customer: Is the pallet same as the one shown in our picture ?
How about the wire rope sling ?
Need 4 of those .to be used with the lifting machine we will be ordering.

RAMHOIST: pls check the pallet truck in this link:  
4 of those sling, you mean 4 legs as below:

4 legs.jpg

in this case, the price is 27.5 USD

Customer: We need 4 legs wire rope
Remember the truck too

Customer: cannot remember if I sent you this mail.
See the attachment.

These are the 3 items we need for now, sample.

Yang 3 Hand Pallet Truck .jpg

RAMHOIST: There is still mini construction crane

Crane 1.png

would you pls confirm you need this too?

Customer: What height can this machine lift ?
If I know the answer , then I can decide.

RAMHOIST: standard one is 12m

Customer: Please give me your best price for all the 3 items selected.

RAMHOIST: PI has sent to your email, would you ask your agent in china to pay RMB to us, there is abnormal bank charge if wireing from abroad.
besides, may i know the reason why you do not need mini construction crane 12m, thanks

Customer: You have sent us a USD account.
As you say, the banking charge is too high at 50 USD for a simple single transaction.
We will pay you in RMB.
About the mini construction crane, just send me a picture and I will decide

RAMHOIST: in the PI, there is also RMB account in china, your agent in china will see clearly.

Site photos of mini construction crane.jpg

Customer: How high can the machine with the blue engine can lift ?
Question 2. Your rope is a bit expensive.
Please give me a better price.
This is our firts order, a trial order.
I am confident we can sell the winch quite a few quite fast.
The island has plenty of tall machines but most buildings are medium size, 4 to 5 storey high.
So, the propects are good
Try to give us a good deal.
RAMHOIST: it can lift 100m, but in the condition of 100m, it can only lift 100KG, this is only the mini crane, normally use in the roof.
for the wire rope sling 1 pc, we do not have stock and need to produce, so it is higher than bulk order, hope you can understand.

Customer: So, this machine is placed on the roof top and not on the floor ?


Please send quote in RMB.
Customer: You say we can use the same quote as before.
May we have the measurement of the crane ?

Customer: So, electric supply is 3 phase.
Please confirm

RAMHOIST: yes, it is 3 phase
1360 RMB

Size of mini construction crane.jpg

Customer: If the unit is 3 phase, how can we use in on site that  has only single phase supply ?
RAMHOIST: either 3 phase or 1 phase is available (cost for 3 phase is slightly higher than single phase) , it is according to your actual requirement

Customer: We only want phase 1.
Please send me a picture of phase 1

RAMHOIST: It is the same photo

Size of mini construction crane.jpg


Customer: Can you provide us UK style 3 pin plug ?

Must be single phase supply for us.

RAMHOIST: you should mean this below:

UK plug.jpg

but this plug is special one for us and need MOQ 20 set to produce, thanks

Customer: Yes, the plug in the picture is correct.
This will suit us.
KIndly ensure you supply us single phase crane, please.
I will send you delivery address later.
I am in London at the moment.

I will arrange payment in RMB soon

Please send me PI again so that we can arrange payment.

The previous PI was saved in a desktop which i cannot access now

RAMHOIST: yes, it is single phase crane, would you confirm the quantity you need, thanks

PI has sent to your emial

Customer: I also need a small lifting machine.
I believe you may have the picture.
Check in your mail and let me know

You have asked about quantity.
This order is only sample.
WE have to test the sample first.
Let us know if Ok or not.

RAMHOIST: OK,updated PI has sent to your email.

Customer: Picture of the hand pallet missing.
Please include it.

You have to get us volume and weight of the machines.
This must be included in our Invoice and packing list correctly
RAMHOIST: updated PI has sent to your email.

will send you volume and weight after produced over, thanks

May i know when we will expect your payment to produce, thanks

Customer: i am just waiting for the RMB to become a litle lower.
very high at the mometn.
We are getting only 6.61 RMb for 1 usd.
This is too high.
When we were negotiating, the price was 7.75 RMB to USD.
Please wait a little.