ATV and 4WD winches with free spool removed and with wire rope for lifting various types for various applications

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Customer: We are searching for smaller winches 12-48volt and 230Volt 50Hz

Lifting/hoisting  capacity !:1 ratio 500kg to 2000kg.

RAMHOIST: Do you mean the electric chain hoist, with power 230V/50hz/3 phase,  48V control voltage,  quantity: 12 pcs
like below:

electric chain hoist.jpg

Customer: Thanks for reply Yang!

This is not what we are looking for.

What we are looking for is smaller winches 12-48volt and 230Volt 50Hz, voltage is motor voltage, not control voltage.

 WIRE ROPE! only

12 volt winches


So what can you offfer in this range?

Lifting/hoisting  capacity !:1 ratio 500kg to 2000kg.

RAMHOIST: so you need two kinds of winches

Customer: Yes and no, we need winches for lifting various types for various applications. 12volt/24volt and 230volt single phase.

Mostly the 12volt version will do, like the ATV type but with the free wheeling removed


ATV winch 12V, 2000lbs (907KG): 50 US $/unit

Mini hoist  220V, 1000KG: 98 US $/unit
the price is based on FOB china

Customer: Well,  I have not yet found out about the ATV winch.


Can you send me a complete list with model number/type and pricing?

I looked up this model PAxxx

RAMHOIST: ATV winch is not for lifting, mini hoist (PA hoist) is for lifting.
pls check this two kinds in our website below:

Customer: Can you please ask your engineering if they can modify the ATV and 4WD winches for lifting.

They are sold in England modified with the free wheel function removed. Must be an easy modification.

On a modified winch you have to run the motor in reverse to get the wire out.

This has to be removed on your  ATV and 4WD winches    more or less the same  as the PAxxxx versions for AC

There is a demand for this type.

And the price list?

PA100 to PA1000    and rope capacity

and ATV and 4WD

RAMHOIST: we still suggest for AVT winch only used for towing but not lifting and keep the clutch.
PA hoist:
the price is based on FOB china

Customer: Yes, we don pull we only lift-hoist!!!!!!!

The winch is fastened to a plate on a tower to lift a part inside the tower this

but we can't use 220volt in most cases only battery!!!!

If you do the modification I told you about, we can sell several thousand/year.

RAMHOIST: do you have the drawing and photos for modification, we will check again

Customer: Well!

Visiting my PC from time to time, it is Saturday and been working in the garden all day,,

The modification should be strait it says :

I have a unit may be I should open it and take some pictures if your engineers don't understand how to do this modification.

No freespool posibility....only motor running both directions like you AC  PAxxx winches, no function to freespool the drum

So by doing this the winch is as safe as the design otherwise (break strength)¨for lifting, no chance the wire should rush out by accident.

Or put your ATV/4WD motors on the gear drive of the PAxxx winches....

Trying to find a solution.

Prices  PAxxx?

RAMHOIST: may i know the lifting height you require?

Customer: Normal range is 5m max will be 10m, but to sell it to a larger range of customers is should be 6-12-24m

RAMHOIST: We can use 5000LB to lift 500KG, 15000LB to lift 2T, your lifting height is no problem, do not need modify and remove free wheel function.

it do not effect the function in normal rain, If you have sealed box you can put control in it, or we can make a box like attached to protect it from rain or dust if not use.


Customer: Sounds good, do you have a technical drawing of the gears so I can see how I can take away and "blind off" the free wheel parts!

For safety reason it has to be removed!!!

I will open a winch today which has been  modified in England to have a look. So if it I get a drawing/service manual or sort of,  it would be helpful.

We would like to order some winches for initial testing through our partner in Shanghai. I assume you have a tax number, then it should be no problem, for them to export to us together will many other items in the next container in June.

I still don't have the pricing for the PAxxx models

RAMHOIST: pls check below


PA hoist:
the price is based on FOB china

Customer: A few more details Yang!


How is this part secured so it can’t move by accident?  Purple part is with screw, it has sealing ring which is water proof.

Is this bolt going into this bolt? No

Is this a meatal part: # 45 steel

Customer: We will order some for first evaluation soon.

If possible we would like more information of each unit if you have them on PDF format.

RAMHOIST: Pls check below


Customer: Yang, Can you give me the pricing for each type.

5000Lbs and up to 16000Lbs

Which other models do you have which can have the free spool removed?

From what I have found out so far the safe lifting load is about the LBS/ 6000*0,454/7 = 390kg and

15000LBS=970kg,    close to what you told me.


6000LB:  165

8000LB:  220


15000LB:  280

The price is based on FOB china, US $/unit

All above model can have the free spool removed

Customer: Sorry late reply Yang, busy ...

Is the price with free spool removed and with wire rope?

RAMHOIST: yes, price with free spool removed and with wire rope.

But now only used in electric condition for wire rope in and out, but not manual.

Customer: Will be back to you soon.