Manual winches ---MW500 and HWA300 models from Philippines

Keyword:Manual winches   Time:2021-5-5 16:08:49

Customer: Dear Sir / Madam, I am from the Philippines and I would like to know how much is the MW500 and HWA300 models manual winch. I am looking at getting only one (1) piece. Also, do you have a distributor here in the Philippines

RAMHOIST: do you have agent in china to pick up or come along with other goods? we do not have distributor in the philippines now, thanks

Customer: No I do not have an agent in China, as I just found out about your products in Pinterest. But first, please tell me how much are the products?

MW500:  85 USD
HWA300: 82 USD

May i know is this price competitive for selling in your market?

Customer: I'm sorry, but I haven't asked around for the price competitiveness of the item. But for sure, most of them are made in China also.

RAMHOIST: yes, if you want to import them from china for bulk quantity, we can give you very competitve price

Customer: Thank you, I will let you know. 

RAMHOIST: May i know your decision for manual winch? thanks

Customer: As of the present, my project that needed this item is put on hold. I will info you in case I would need it. Thank you.