Hand winch with Wire rope 40ft rating 200KG from Malaysia

Keyword:Hand winch with Wire rope 40ft   Time:2021-5-6 17:54:02



Do you have any offer for as below with 400ft length wire rope rating 200kg or above?


Wheel reel – 1 Unit

Wire rope 400ft rating 200KG – 1 unit

Hook – 1 Unit


hand winch

Delivery point : 87000 Labuan , Malaysia

Delivery Charge : Please advise

RAMHOIST: The max. wire rope is 15m for 500LB, unless you do not put the extra wire rope on the hand winch
pls confirm then we will work accordingly.

do you mean 40 ft?

Customer: Hi, good morning to you. Could be typpo error. Please work on your quotation for 40ft. Many thanks.

Please quote me the 40ft . It could be typo error in my earlier inquiry.


freight (express) to 87000 Labuan , Malaysia30 USD
Total: 36 USD 

would you ask someone in china to pay chinese yuan (RMB), since there is abnormal bank charges for this tiny amount, thanks

Customer: Is the quoted price come with wire rope?

Please list out the contents of your quoted part. Thanks

RAMHOIST: it includes 12m wire rope and hook

Customer: How about the hand winch? Is it come together?

Do you have your physical stock picture to show?

What is the total weight of this item?

RAMHOIST: yes, hand winch + 20 m wire rope + hook


hand winch1.jpg