RFQ-Steel Wire Rope pulling from a hoist Wire Rope hand winch TIRFOR from Mali

Keyword:Wire Rope hand winch TIRFOR   Time:2021-5-7 13:21:15

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are mining suppliers in Mali, we also supply to some surrounding countries.

We do general supply to mining companies based on their requirements and needs.


We are also developing partnership with many Malian industries which made us interested in your products.

Please kindly send me quote and lead time and shipping cost to Bamako airport for the bellow described items:


  • Capacity of TIRFOR is 3200kg with 60 meters cable; Qty: 6 sets.

RAMHOIST: Dear Boubacar Keita
250 USD/unit (FOB china)

site photos: http://www.ramhoist.com/Winches2/1847.html

TIRFOR 3200kg with 60 meters cable made in china.jpg