Three-phase (3P) 250kg Electric Mini Wire Winch from Peru

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Message SubjectConsulta sobre 250 kg de 1200W AC220V-240V suspender el Cable Mini Eléctrico elevador de malacate                                                       Inquiry about 250kg 1200W AC220V-240V Suspend Mini Electric Wire Hoist Winch
Message ContentGood afternoon,
Dear Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.

My name is Verónika Ruiz and I am contacting you from Lima, PERU. I am interested in buying 12 product. I would appreciate if you get me information about the price Exwork, FOB or CIF, and the availability
to arrive in Perú.

Also, I am interested in buying 12 Electric Winches with the following characteristics:

Rated volt (V) = 220
Rated capacity (kg) = 250 kg
Phase = Three-phase (3P)
Lifting height (m) = 40m

These Winches will be placed in a trolley, so it is not necesary to be bigger than that; I attached a photo of the desired model.

Best regards and thanks for your anticipated answer.
Inquired Product

250kg 1200W AC220V-240V Suspending Electric Mini Wire Rope Winch Hoist
250kg 1200W AC220V-240V Suspending Electric Mini Wire Rope Winch Hoist

Purchase Quantity12 Pieces


RAMHOIST: Electric winch: 300 USD/unit (FOB china)

Customer: Could you, please, give me a similar option but that is three-phase?

RAMHOIST: this can not make to three phase, you can choose an electric hoist to instead, pls check this link:

Customer: Good Day!.

Start the mail wishing you a happy new year 2020. We are interested in  
buying 13 units of mini hoist (I attached a photo of the desired  
model). I would appreciate if you get me information about the price  
FOB, EXW or CIF and the availability.

The mini hoist must have the following characteristics:

Quantity = 13 unit
Sling Type = Cable
Rated volt (V) = 220V
Rated capacity (kg) = 250 kg
Phase = Three-phase (3P)
Lifting height (m) = 40m
Control method: Pendant cable control, with 3.5 meters

I am attentive to your communication.

RAMHOIST: this mini hoist can only use in 220V, single phase, but we can use in 220V, 3P, only to use transformer (from 3P to 1P), you can buy transformer in your side or we supply transformer for you, it is very easy to use.
Await for your reply then i will work accordingly, thanks
RAMHOIST: As discussion, we can make 3 phase for you, attached picture.
363 USD/unit (FOB china)