4T Hand puller Quote from Canada

Keyword:4T hand puller   Time:2021-5-15 9:21:35

Customer: Hi Mr. Yang,
I am looking for a price quote on your 4T hand puller: 
How much does it cost? What is the lead time to ship to Zhengzhou, Henan province?

RAMHOIST: may I know u quantity pls, thanks

Customer: Just 1 x 4T HAND PULLER 

RAMHOIST: regret we dont have stock now, thanks

Customer: What about the 2T or 3T handpuller?

RAMHOIST: they do not have stock too, we produce according to customer's order, if u sales many in market, we suggest u add quantity to order. we guarantee quality

are u still requiring hand pullers now?

Customer: No, I am not. We already sourced them... I will contact you if I do.