Order for Heavy Duty Hand Winch 3 ton, no need any wire sling (without any rope, plain only) default color from Indonesia

Keyword:Heavy Duty Hand Winch 3 ton   Time:2021-6-11 12:24:56

Customer: Hi Yang morning, do you have stock for Manual Handwinch 3 Ton as we talked before, this time I just need 8 units of 3 ton plain type, no need any wire sling, no need name plate & color follow your company produce color, I would like to propose to my client, how long it will take for production, Thank

Manual Handwinch 3 Ton.jpg

Without any rope, plain only

RAMHOIST: is Japanese green colour a must? 

Customer: No need follow your factory color will do, Color up to your factory color will do

RAMHOIST: 300usd/unit, delivery time next week if u confirm today

Customer: Ok can..Thank
Drop an official email with spec as well to my company ****

Thia is the actual dimension of the unit I ordered before from others