Quote for 2.2 ton and 3.5 ton Electric windlasses with all operating system for UAE

Keyword:2.2 ton and 3.5 ton Electric windlasses   Time:2021-6-19 17:18:45

Customer: Please quote your best price at abu dhabi

Electric windlasses-1.png

Electric windlasses-2.png

RAMHOIST: would you send me a picture, thanks, 

Please quote for 2.2 ton and 3.5 ton with all operating system 

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Electric windlasses-5.png


2.2 ton * 100m, 3200 USD

3.5 ton * 150m3900 USD

Customer: send me your winch picture please 


2.2 ton * 100m, type: XEW-2200E1, 3200 USD

3.5 ton * 150m, type: XEW-3500E13900 USD

technical brochure: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/202106/2021062030195233.pdf

technical details: http://ramhoist.com/winches/ElectricWindlasses.html

Customer: Please let know what is air freight charges from china to abu dhabi port 
what is your best price finel  for the 3.5 ton capacity 
many thanks for quick response 

RAMHOIST: no, we do not suggest transported by air since the air cost is charged by KG, very expensive. 

we can give you 3750 USD for 3.5T

Customer: ok check sea freight charges how 

RAMHOIST: Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight: 450 USD

Customer: Kindly send us an official quotation for order confirmation, please provide bank details for LC preparation.