10Ton Air hoisting Winches for Singapore

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Dear Mr. Yang ,



Please quote us minimum 2 sets with option of up to 8 sets

10Ton Air Hoisting winch with line pull of 10Ton 0 to 8meter per min at bottom first layer. (Drum capacity to be 310Meter x 22mm diameter SWR)

Please quote delivery lead time and best price CIF into Singapore

RAMHOIST: 13000 USD/unit

delivery time: 20 days

May i know where it is used?

Customer: Dear Yang
Use for marine.
Please quote officially to us based on 8 sets. CIF Singapore.
Drum capacity 310m x 22mm diameter wire rope.
Provide drawing of winch, weight and full technical specification.
Quote to Rob**** Private Limited
***** Singapore 738471.
Attn. Mr. R*** Wong

RAMHOIST: PI has been sent to your email

Manual for operation and maintenance of 10Ton Air Hoisting winch: http://ramhoist.com/Winches2/3700.html

Customer: Can you arrange to send me a drawing with dimension on the winch with weight

RAMHOIST: Dimension: 1638*960*930 (L*W*H, unit: mm),  Weight: 1500KG

Drawing with dimension has updated in the previous link: http://ramhoist.com/Winches2/3700.html

Customer: Yang


OK, Noted and thanks

Already sent to client

Waiting client reviewing our offer package

Customer: Dear Yang,


We have reply after our tender that they needed change with additional requirement

  1. Please quote additional of 7Ton Air Hoisting winch x 17 sets

  2. The initially quoted to us 8 sets of 10Ton Air Hoisting winch to change to 9 sets

(You have quoted this last time)


Please re-submit new quotation with GA drawing for the 7Ton Air Winch


Please quote based on same 310m SWR capacity for both type and two separate quotations because is separately delivery


CIF LCL to Singapore separately

We will do winch testing in Singapore our factory that we will arrange for LRS or ABS surveyor to witness testing

As for the 7Ton wire capacity shall be 310meter x 22mm diameter SWR on drum


Please send Drawing with dimension and weight per winch with quotation update for both types – include price for CIF Singapore

RAMHOIST:PI of 7ton and 10ton has sent to your email (the price does not include wire rope)

Technical details of 7ton is almost same as 10ton since it is made on the basis of 10ton.

Manual for operation and maintenance pls refer to 10Ton Air Hoisting winch.

Customer: Thanks noted

Will update you on the status on this tender once we have news from shipyard

Customer: Dear Yang.

Thanks for your quote

Please help to provide me the drawing with dimension and weight of each winches

We need to submit with our tender on winches size  & weight


Drawing with dimension and weight of 7Ton Air Hoisting winch: http://ramhoist.com/Winches2/3717.html

Drawing with dimension and weight of 10Ton Air Hoisting winch: http://ramhoist.com/Winches2/3700.html

Customer: Dear Mr. Yang,


The quotation for the 7 and 10Ton winches is not finalised by Buyer yet.

They are still evaluating.


NOW, we have another inquiry for 15Ton Air Winch – please check if you can quote for 3 sets

Look forward for your reply with quotation

RAMHOIST:well noted, thanks

15Ton Air Winch not include wire rope: 19800 USD/unit 

technical details: http://ramhoist.com/Winches2/3758.html

Customer: Mr. Yang,

When you are free, please send GA drawing with dimension, specification and weight for this 15Ton air winches

RAMHOIST: has updated in the previous link: http://ramhoist.com/Winches2/3758.html
happy new year

Customer: Mr. Yang

Thanks for your email.

There are two projects we have tendered.

Now one is on discussion and to decide by Chinese New Year.

Another will decide by April 2022.


Please bear with us and we will contact you if the project we tender can be successful.