Quote on a manual non-wire rope brake winch for lifting capacities up to 500 lbs for USA

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咨询产品:  Manual rope brake winch
客户姓名:  Vjogen Stergu
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客户留言:  Hello, we're looking for a quote on a manual non-wire rope brake winch for lifting capacities up to 500 lbs.

不带钢丝绳的刹车绞盘,提升量到500LBS (227KG)

RAMHOIST: We can use 1200lbs Manual Winch with SELF LOCK: 16.5 USD/unit (type: HWD-1200)

technical details: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/202009/2020091539544953.pdf

Site photos of 1200lbs Manual Winch with SELF LOCK: 

Manual Winch 1200LBS with SELF LOCK made in china-1.jpg

Manual Winch 1200LBS with SELF LOCK made in china-2.jpg

Manual Winch 1200LBS with SELF LOCK made in china-4.jpg

Manual Winch 1200LBS with SELF LOCK made in china-5.jpg

Customer: Hello Yang,
Can we use them with synthetic ropes (non-wire)?


RAMHOIST: Yes, you can use them with synthetic ropes (non-wire)

Manual Winch with SELF LOCK comes with synthetic ropes (non-wire)-1.jpg
Manual Winch with SELF LOCK comes with synthetic ropes (non-wire)-2.jpg

Customer: Hello Yang,
Since we are a scaffolding company, we intend to mount the winch next to the scaffold tube with an outside diameter of 19 inches.
The lifting capacity is up to 500 lbs or 250 kg and height of 150 feet or 45 m.
We're looking for a quote on 10 pcs and a quote on 50 pcs.
A couple of questions please:
  1. Do you have demonstration videos for this winch?

  2. Does this winch have a self-brake/lock mechanism?

  3. Do you offer a mounting adaptor so we can mount it on a scaffolding tube?

我们是一家脚手架公司,我们打算将绞盘安装在外径为 19 英寸的脚手架管旁边。

提升 500 lbs 或 250 kg,高度为 150 英尺或 45 m。






RAMHOIST: we can use material Polyester ropes (below), 5mm diameter, but in such 45m height, it can not use for long time and will break since it it too thin, can not use more than 5mm otherwise it can not be fully loaded. 

Polyester rope.jpg

we can use 4mm wire rope, but if you use many times a days, we do not suggest you use manual winch since this manual winch is only for short distance, for long distance, if you use manual winch, it will take lots of time, besides, winding so long wire ropes, if one part of rope worn out, it will lead the whole rope can not use for long time.

we suggest you use electric hoist (electric winch) for long distance (height)

Customer: Hi Yang,
Thank you for the explanation.
I will see if we can adjust the height needed.
In the case of electric winches, are you familiar with Capstan Winch types?
If yes, are you able to manufacture them?

RAMHOIST: i am not familiar with Capstan Winch types.

you can use electric winch (electric windlass) in this link: http://ramhoist.com/winches/ElectricWindlasses.html

or electric chain hoist in this link: http://ramhoist.com/powered-hoists/RMElectricChainHoists.html

Customer: Hello Yang,
Capstan type winches are like this one in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5HWdgfhME0
Do you have something similar to it?

RAMHOIST: we do not have this, in your working condition, we have two types of electric winches for choose, both need you to confirm power supply in your side.

1st option: suggest you use building electric winch: http://ramhoist.com/winches/BuildingElectricWinches.html

500KG building electric winch, with 45-50m rope: 325 USD/unit

weight: 110KG

Building Electric Winch.jpg

Building Electric Winch-1.jpg


some videos of building electric winch: 




2nd option: you can also use below electric winch:

0.5ton electric winch, with 45-50m rope: 190 USD/unit

weight: 60KG

electric winch (1).jpg

above price is based on 380V/50hz/3p

above two options do not need you to use hand to pull rope and save labour, since it is electric one and controlled by control pendant or control cabinet, 

default rope is wire rope and most of people use wire rope, we can also use synthetic ropes (non-wire) too.

the Capstan type winches in your video is mounted on the pillar while our two options electric winches are put on the ground or 45m height as you like.


3rd option: we can use Tirfor 0.8tx45m: 92 USD/unit

the principle is same as your Capstan Winch in the video

Technical details: http://ramhoist.com/winches/Tirfors.html


Either pulling or lifting of the TIFOR Wire Rope Puller (1).jpg

Customer: Hi,
Can we use it with non-wire ropes too?

RAMHOIST: can not

only belwo type can use it with non-wire ropes, but price is very very high, need 3000USD, it generally rescue uses


RAMHOIST: another option is to use 12V or 24V 4WD winch as below, it can be used with non-wire ropes