Measurements for the winch to put it on a heavy truck from Netherlands

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客户留言:  Hello, Can you tell me what are the measurements for the winch to put it on a heavy truck. The delivery time to the Netherlands to ship it to the Netherlands including the price. Best regards, Tony

RAMHOIST: Pls check the technical parameters of 10000LBS, 12000LBS, 15000LBS, 18000LBS and 22000LBS hydraulic winches:

above link include measurements for the winch, choose which one is suited in your side then we will work accordingly, thanks

Customer: Hello Yang,

Sorry I forgot to mention that. To busy in my head ;-)
My preference would be 40.000lbs. If possible.
Otherwise if not possible Than the 22.000lbs with a snatch block I guess

RAMHOIST: then you can choose 20ton hydraulic winch:

pls check whether above link measurements of 20ton is suited for you side, thanks

Customer: Hello Yang,

What is de delivery time of the 20 T winch. What is the oil-flow/pressure. (Do you know what kind of pump do I need). Is it complete with Iron cable and of course what is the price


Oil-flow: 17 Mpa

Oil-Pressure: 120 L/min

The pump is based on the your motor, as long as the flow rate is satisfied, it is ok.

4850 USD/unit, complete with Iron cable (CFR Rotterdam port, Netherlands)

Delivery time: 45 days

Customer: Thank you Yang. I’m going to consult with te unit builder.