My winch will not crank in the cable

Keyword:12V 6000 LB Electric winch   Time:2022-2-10 18:55:08

咨询产品:  12V 6000 LB Electric winch (sold by HOMIER Distributing Company) from United States
客户姓名:  Dan
手机号码:  6128390287
客户邮箱:  dan*****
客户留言:  My winch will not crank in the cable. Is there a switch somewhere to engage cable to reel in?

RAMHOIST: Better to take a photo or video to see if the gear and clutch is engaged (meshed), thanks


Customer: Trying to attach 2 very videos.

12V 6000lbs electric winch.jpg

RAMHOIST: The gears rattled and broken, pls find your supplier for this electric winch since our parts is not interchanged with theirs, thanks