Cheaper series Electric windlasses 1ton, 2ton, 3ton, 5ton and 10ton

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kdj 1ton

kdj 2ton

kdj 3ton

kdj 5ton

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RAMHOIST: kdj Electric windlass is expensive in your market, while we have a cheaper series electric windlass as below, the function is same:

1ton, 58m: 245 USD/unit

2ton, 97m: 425 USD/unit

3ton, 97m: 540 USD/unit

5ton, 150m: 1060 USD/unit

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1Ton 2Ton 3Ton 5Ton 10Ton Electric Wire Rope Winch/Electric windlass 220v 380v 30m to 150m mini Portable Electric Hoist is a small and light lifting device that uses a drum to wind a steel rope or a chain to lift or pull a heavy object. It is also called a winch. The hoist can lift the weight vertically, horizontally or inclinedly. The winch is divided into three types: manual winch, electric winch and hydraulic winch. Mainly electric winch. It can be used alone or as a component in machinery such as lifting, road construction and mine hoisting. It is widely used because of its simple operation, large amount of rope winding, and convenient displacement. 

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Electric winch consists of motor, coupling, brake, gearbox and drum, mounted together on the rack, it is a device that mechanically drives a reel and winding rope to complete the traction work. It can vertical lift or horizontal and inclined drag heavy object. Electric winch widely used in construction, water conservancy, forestry, mines, docks and other materials lifting or towing.

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1Ton 2Ton 3Ton 5Ton 10Ton Electric Wire Rope Winch 220v 380v 30m to 150m mini Portable Electric Hoist Features
The product has the characteristic brake promptly, small volum, light, compact, portable, easy to maintain.
1.Widely used in warehouse, construction and many kinds of producing-line.
2.Electric winch is easy to load and unload with steel wire rope hoist for lifting goods.
3.Electric winch wire rope length can be up to 150m, lift capacity can be up to 10ton.
4.Electric winch is used to pulling and lifting, except exclusive-use
5.Electric winch can match-use with electric trolley and plain trolley,geared trolley with simple structure.

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Electric winch can customize the volume, quantity, direction of rope, the single row rope, lifting speed, fixed direction, same rise and drop, and working voltage, etc., It can also be equipped with wire rope, electric control box, handle switch, hook, wireless remote control, etc.

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Braking principle:
Electric winch adopts cone-type electromagnetic braking device, the motor working brake is separated, the motor stop braking is closed immediately, which plays the role of quick braking. The electric winch can be used alone or as a component of machinery such as lifting, road building and mine lifting, large amount of rope winding, easy to move and simplicity of operator.

Winding drum

The electric winch adopts winding drum, which is easy to operate and has a large amount of rope winding.

European hook

High quality steel, not easy to break, safe and reliable

Thickened base

Welded structure to avoid the safety hidden danger caused by screw loosening and enhance the stability of the product.

Wire line

Uniform oil immersion of each wire rope, prolonging the service life of the wire rope, and lasting for a long time