Manual Winch 3 ton for Bahrain

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咨询产品:  Manual Winch 3 ton
客户姓名:  Ib****
手机号码:  +65*****
客户邮箱:  Ib*****@ad*****.com
客户留言:  need to purchase 10 Manual winches 3 ton ea

Manual winches 3 ton: 235 USD/unit * 10 unit = 2350 USD (without wire rope and hook)

type: MW3000

technical details:

site photos:

Customer: Yang,

Is the minimum order 10EA ? we only require 3EA and we need wire and hook to be included (name plate is required and certificate for the wire).

What is the ETA for delivery destination Bahrain.

Yang ,

Any feedback , we shall purchase 10 EA winches , we need to include the wire with the hook aswell . name plate and wire certificate is required. Send us a revised quote please.

ETA for delivery

RAMHOIST: 320 USD/unit, including 40m wire rope and hook.

ETA for delivery destination Bahrain: 50 days

Customer: Yang,

Is these items are available in Stock ? and we can mange for shipping to Bahrain. You can only supply and confirm availability in stock for immediate shipping.

Could you please fill the attached files and return them back ASAP so we can onboard your company in ADES approved vendors and to be able to process the PO and payment accordingly
RAMHOIST: Yes, we have stock

pls check attached filled

Customer: Dear supplier


Please quote for 4 ea. manual winches,

End destination : Singapore


  • 2 ea 3 ton manual winches, with wire rope 50ft with winch and rope certificates for ADM683

  • 2 ea 3 ton manual winches, with wire rope 50ft with winch and rope certificates for ADM684

275 USD/unit * 4 units = 1100 USD (Ex-works)

Customer: Can you share the technical brochure , this is EXW China ?

RAMHOIST: Yes, EXW china

type: MW3000

technical details:

site photos:



Customer: Dear yang

We need manual brake and the specs doesn’t show any brake system , please advise ?

RAMHOIST: self-locking when rotate the handle

Customer: If I give you PO now when can I collect the manual winch

RAMHOIST: 2 days after we receive your payment

Customer: Proceed with the PO based on the initial approval from Eng Mohab

Share the PO # with Yang to arrange for the payment


Kindly issue PO ASAP and once done please ask Supplier to send Performa invoice to proceed with payment.


Dear Yang,

Could you please send us official quotation in PDF format

RAMHOIST: attached PI

RAMHOIST: The Manual winches 3 ton are ready for delivery, below are site photos:

Manual winches 3 ton-1.jpg

Manual winches 3 ton-2.jpg

Manual winches 3 ton-3.jpg

Manual winches 3 ton-4.jpg

Customer: Yang,

I need your urgent support , we need the COC (each certificate should mentioned the winch serial number) for the 10EA winches we received as per the below trailed mail PLUS the wire certificates and hook aswell please.

Each winch should have a COC to present to our client.

This is now an Audit item and holding our operation , appreciate your support on this please.