13 tons Building Electric Winch (motor operated winch), 380V, 60Hz, 3 phase with 50m wire rope for Philippine

Keyword:13 tons motor operated winch   Time:2022-6-26 19:31:33

Customer: Hello, I am Ryan Q*** from Philippine **** Co.

We ordered dual chain hoist last year. Just want to know if you are producing motor operated winch

I have a requirement of 13T capacity, 380V, 60Hz, 3 phase

RAMHOIST: http://www.ramhoist.com/Winches2/1828.html

check the 16ton we are producing now

i assume you mean this one

Customer: Yes but only 13 tons also 60Hz frequency

RAMHOIST: yes, no problem

may i know how many wire rope you need

Customer: 50m

motor operated winch shall be:

Capacity: 13 tons

Rated Voltage: 380V, 60Hz, 3 phase

Protection Rating: IP68

is IP68 a must or IP65 is ok?

if we can comply IP68 its ok

the environment is jetty

RAMHOIST:  IP65 is protection against splashing water,while IP68 is soaked completely into the water

we think IP65 IS ok 

Customer: can you give price for both?

RAMHOIST: ip65, 6300 USD

IP68 is much higher than this, besides, IP68 is soaked in water, if we use IP68 and not used in the water, heat dissipation is not good, if you afraid there are lots of water splashing, you can build a simple shed above the motor operated winch