18Ton Hydraulic Winch for singapore

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Dear Yang,


It been quite some time since the last time you have quoted us.


We have this new inquiry and hope you can quote us.


We have inquiry for one set of Winch line pull of around 18,000kgs on first bottom layer and with storage capacity of around 300M to 320M of 24 mm diameter Steel Wire Rope.

The winch to be Hydraulic operated with hydraulic motor fail safe brake of 1.5 times of the pull rate. Other manual or brake system can be accepted.


Winch to come with control valve and control lever for proportional control


Working pressure # 230 to 250bar at approximately 160liter per min



Please offer one set with best deliver lead time

Price to be offered CIF by LCL cargo to Singapore


Look forward for your offer quotation soon.



Ronald Wong

18Ton Hydraulic Winch.png

Note: GA dimension for reference and not necessary to be 100% same dimension as drawing

我们有询价一套绞车线拉力约 18,000 公斤---第一层,存储容量约为 300M 至 320M 的 24 毫米直径钢丝绳。

绞盘为液压操作,液压马达故障安全制动,牵引速率为 1.5 倍。 可以接受其他手动或刹车系统。


工作压力 # 230 至 250bar,每分钟约 160 升


RAMHOIST:12000 USD/unit

similar photo is as below:

Similar photo.jpg

(类似这种,马达换成斜轴柱塞马达, 这种是内五星液压马达)

Weight: 1.2 T

Volume: 2.376 CBM (1800*1200*1100mm)

Customer: Dear Yang


How fast this winch can deliver?

RAMHOIST: 30 days

Customer: OK

Please send me the specification for my submission to client for evaluation