Problem after receiving 16 ton Building Electric Winch (Pulling cable winch)

Keyword:16 ton Building Electric Winch   Time:2022-11-1 19:06:21

Customer: I told you several time about the rope arrangement shaft

There is no shaft in the unit


Second the break not working

Third the cable should be include hook for pulling

This is three missing parts

Can you answer urgent because from today we paid penalty 100$ each day in end user warehouse

There is no rope arrangement shaft in the front why ??????









Dear Yang

Please informed that the order for 5 units pulling winch has hold now.

Because the order for one unit that we received no Not matching to our request.

The reasons for not matching :

1-      The winch not include the rope arrangement shaft as our request .

2-      The break not working

3-      Hook for cable ( I can supply locally).

I told you before shipping for item 1 many time is the unit include the arrangement shaft you said yes include.

The rope arrangement should be install in front of the winch to arrange the cable in working time.

Now the end user refuse received the winch with this missing parts.

What is you answer, if we didn’t complete the unit that mean we will re-send the winch to you and cancel the order.

Please confirm


Add hydraulic oil inside the red part, and the gear oil into the reducer

When the  rope arrangement shaft rotates, the drum follow rotation, the drum rotates, and the wire rope is winded around

The end user today will add your name company in the black list venders

And they will send copy to China embassy in Iraq and same to Iraqi embassy in China

Unless fix the winch problem

I’m sorry


The outside is steel pipe, the inside is round steel, all of which are 45 # steel

外面是钢管,里面是圆钢, 都是45号钢


不用排绳器 绳子不会乱



1, rope guide device in each company is an optional part, but not standard configuration, the purpose is to keep wire rope not disordered.

but for speed 9m/min, the wire rope will not be disordered.

and the distance is not wide, free winding is very neat, what's more, if is just for pulling, unnecessary to use rope guide device.

Even if the rope is guided well,  wire rope has to be changed for a long time, and the rope guide device is not particularly mature now. Once the rope is stuck, sometimes the entire rope guide device is scrapped.

2, hydraulic oil and gear oil + hook is also not standard part, each company do not supply these parts as standard configuration,  and in trasnport, you can not carry oil, you can investigate in china or outsite china, to prove what i said is true.

considering our long term copeation, we can give your 1000 USD as compensation, but you should know, it is not really our fault, we make all the thing according to drawing and standard.

besides, as you know, we take lots of money for inland freight cost and custom cost in china port, that money should be paid by your side but we paid finally.

we are loser in this order.