Enquiry Quotation Hydraulic Winches Brazil 001

Keyword:Hydraulic Winches   Time:2023-5-25 14:22:12

Dear Sir or Madam

Please can are you send the quotation for us for the next equipment for the capacity 4 Ton, 10 Ton, 20 Ton, 30 Ton and 60 Ton.

Hydraulic Winches.jpg

About the quantity I´ll let you know later, please send for us the best price FOB US$.


Unit price  
1PWA040   hydraulic winch4   ton, without wire rope1440
2YJP100   hydraulic winch 10   ton, without wire rope11780
3YJP200 hydraulic winch20   ton, without wire rope13380
4YJP300 hydraulic winch 30   ton, without wire rope15420
5YJP400 hydraulic winch40   ton, without wire rope111000

the max. is 40T but not 60T