Buying the portable crane motor system from South africa

Keyword:portable crane motor   Time:2024-3-4 13:01:43

I am ismail from south Africa.i am interested in buying the portable crane motor system like the sample,if its 240v then it must be light, I need to lift a weight of 150kg,bet 30 to 60 rev per/min,reversible and forward,i need a spool to take 150m of 8mm rope,the motor must be 12v if possible and as light as possible because it have to be mobile and portable,Light Duty Electric Winch.i need several for all the field staff in my company. approx 37 units.

1-2 to 2hp motor 1,5 to 2 kw

portable crane motor system.jpg

我想购买便携式吊机马达系统(形如图片),如果是240V必须很轻,我需要举起150公斤的重量,30到60转/分钟,可反转和前转,我需要一根轴装下150m的8mm钢丝绳,如果可能的话,电动机必须为12V 并且尽可能轻,因为它必须是移动和便携的轻型电动绞盘。公司的所有现场工作人员都需要,大约37台。 

 1-2至2HP电机1,5至2 kW