Waterproofed 4WD Boat Truck Winch 12000 Lbs 12 V Electrical Cable Winch Ce Approved

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Product Description
 When failure happens, please contact the seller/distributor where you buy 4WD Winches from, to claim for repair parts.
 Users are supposed to read and understand manual book and warning before using 4WD winch. The warranty service does not cover the failures caused by incorrect use, winch modification, damage results from abuse or accident, or exceed the quality warranty time. 

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RAMHOIST Electric Winch includes 1 piece of 450A relay, not 2 pieces of 200A from other suppliers

RAMHOIST Electric Winch clutch switch is much easier to operate, not easy to break 

RAMHOIST synthetic ropes material is high-end SK75 and made in Netherlands

RAMHOIST provide wireless remote controller and handle wire controller. While others only provide one controller in the market

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1.Tensile Strength Test is necessary for each batch. Detailed test report and pictures can be provided after order placed. 

 2.Surface tolerance, zinc finish, painting finish also be tested according to customers' different requirements.

 3.Salt spray testing is for customers with the most strict quality control requirement, pls pay attention, this testing needs extra testing charges.

 4.Harness testinng also can be provided if you prefer.

 5.Chemical analysis is rare from customers' requirements, but can be provided and needs extra testing charges.

 6.Any other testing requirements, feel free to let us know. Will do as we can to support your business always.

 7.Each parts' dimension is always according to the technical drawing and international tolerance standard.

 8. The weight of 4WD Winch is under a reasonable tolerance.

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