4WD Parts 24V Electric Winch 12000lbs with Synthetic Rope Winch 4X4 off Road for Sale

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4WD Winches is an Electric Winch which packed with the features you just want: Efficient Three-stage Planetary Gear Train, Automatic Braking Action, Handheld Corded Remote Switch, Free Spooling Clutch, Power IN and OUT, and a 4-Way Roller Fairlead etc. Powerful HorsePower, Extra Fast Speed, and Compact Design make this china winch a must-have for recovery applications.


  • 12,000LB( single line rated pull )Electric Winch

  • Efficient Three-stage Planetary Gear Train helps to offer powerful horsepower

  • 4-Way Roller Fairlead to guide the rope onto the drum evenly

Electric Winches are offered in a variety of configurations making it easy to find a RAMHOIST 4x4 winch that will suit your four wheel drive and recovery application.

Firstly, decide how much pulling power you will require to recover your vehicle.

For light 4x4's and general offroad use we suggest our 9,500Lb or 12,000Lb winches. The 9,500Lb, being the smallest in size, will fit almost every bullbar style including ARB and TJM bars.

For heavier vehicles like Landcruisers, Patrols and the large American 4x4s such as Ford and Dodge you need consider the 17,000Lb winches. While slightly larger than the entry level winches these vehicles and winch bars will often provide ample space for fitting.

We recommend the dual motor winches for trucks, heavily modified 4WDs, competition vehicles and 4x4's towing loads such as caravans, This will give great pulling power and spread the load over two motors to increase duty cycles and generally reduce strain on the drives and solenoids. The dual motor winches also provide redundancy as a failed drive or solenoid still leaves one functioning drive to get you out of trouble.

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  • Automatic braking in the drum will lock the wire rope and stop pulling when you release button on the switch.

  • Power IN and OUT through a remote switch with 12ft leads or Wireless Remote Control

  • Free spooling clutch allows the wire rope to be pulled out without using electric power

  • Extra protective casings for connectors, insuring safety and low wear-out.

  • Custom gaskets seal up critical inner components from water and debris infiltration