2019 New Aluminum Alloy Body Tirfor Manual Wire Rope Lever Hoist Winch

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Introduction:  Tirfors are also called Manual hand puller, wire rope pulling hoist

1.It is a kind of small-sized, hand-operated tool.

2.It features light weight, compact stucture, wide range of applications and easy maintenance.

3.This type of hoist is suitable to use outdoor sites under adverses circumstances.

4.The housing of hoist is made of aluminum alloy, thus producing adequate strengh, yet light in weight and making it quite portable the component parts inside are made of high quality alloyed steel with advanced technology.

Strict quality control test have been carried out on ail the component parts. As for the major parts subject to high tension are tested according to ISO standards even with overloading to ensure top quality.

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Features of Tirfors

 1) Handle length is adjustable, so it is very convenient to regulate the hand force according to the lifting force.

 2) Widely used for lifting, pulling, tensioning, and tightening in many areas

 3) Easy operation, convenient maintenance

 4) ISO, CE certificate


Structure of Tirfors

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 What's the wire rope pulling hoist?
 It is an extremely versatile and portable hand tool for lifting, pulling, tensioning, lowering and securing loads.
 2.Operational principle:
 Lever winches are winches that use self-gripping jaws instead of spools to move wire rope or wire through the winch, Powered by moving a handle back and forth with lever principle, they allow one person to move objects several tons in weight.