Crane Geared Motor

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Crane Geared Motors with buffer, are the crane vital accessory for driving, which play an important role in the load works. Our crane geared motors are characterized by load capacity and high mechanical strength, and especially suitable for various driving types like lifting or other similar equipment, Geared motor for crane are sold very well here.


• Compact design, High performance and Sensitive Steady, close and precise gear ratio

• High torque and output power stronger, easy heat dissipation, low noise and vibration

• small volume with compact unitive whole part, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

• Drive multiple functionalities within a rugged design, short periods of mass motion

• Great elasticity to vibration and ambient temperature, high safety factor and long service life.

• The shaft is sharpened by straightening and grinding which make the products operate better

• Soft start and flywheel buffers produce high inertia motion makes the products high efficiency

• Safety brake of double friction surface which makes the brake become stationary and safe

• Equipped with perfect oil leakage preventing provides the good sealing for crane geared motors

• Axial load ability can up to 5% of radial load provides a large load capacity to the products

• Integrated design of lift drive system and roller bearing support makes load works more safety

• The robust and durable design of our gear motor meets customers’ needs as much as possible

• High quality helical gear in transmission makes the load jobs become more safe and secure

• Soft start and soft stop which make the end truck run smoothly and the goods will not shake

• Great integrity with high quality and standard certification, effective solutions with high efficiency

• Manufacturing the finished product under strict quality control provides high quality to customers

Motor                                     0.25Kw  - 3.75Kw
Material                                 Cast Iron
Usage                                    Power trolley driving
Insulation  Grade                 F           
Power Supply                      220v-700v, 50/60 Hz, single voltage
Rotor Structure                   Squirrel-Cage
Hardness                             Hardened
Operating Speed                14.1m/min
Efficiency                             IE 2
Starting Mode                     Soft Starter
Operating Speed                Constant speed
Protection Class                 IP54
Casing Protection              Closed Type
Number of Stator               Three-Phase
H.S. Code                            8483409000
Changes Way                     Stepless                                           
Origin                                  China


     Crane Geared Motors with buffer, are the crane vital accessory for driving, which play an important role in the load works. Our crane geared motors are characterized by load capacity and high mechanical strength, and especially suitable for various driving types like lifting or other similar equipment. Crane geared motors have the three types of installation, like vertical, horizontal and vertical horizontal which to meet the various needs of the installation conditions.

     The gear motors of the cranes are compact and small in size. What’s more, our crane geared motors are designed for space-saving drive solutions. The house design provides good ground clearance for ground applications. The large central distance between the parallel gearbox shafts allows these units to be used in a central drive device, for example when shaft ends are mounted on both sides. They also offer wide gear ratios and cost-effective solutions.

     Crane geared motors are made up of gear box and motor, which are the most important components. There is a perfect match for the design of motor and gear box. The gear box is made of high strength cast iron and made by CNC machine. The motor has dc power. At the same time, the motor has the advantage of high torque electric function, which can not only effectively and rapidly dissipate heat, but also withstand more than 1500 v high voltage. The starting current is small, which can meet the needs of frequent starting and point operation, and has a remarkable power saving effect.

    The soft start and flywheel buffers of the buffer produce high inertia motion. When the soft start, the flywheel has the action of a large inertia movement. No defect, which makes the cranes keep steady and noiseless. No impact, so that the crane is stable, smooth, noise free, and the brake is also stable. Direct electromagnetic brake and adjustable screw high wear-resistant brake cover improve the service life and safety performance of crane geared motors. Besides, the brake disc has the advantages of high wear resistance, high safety, long service life and good performance.  

     We also provide the thermal overloads as the equipment of our crane geared motors. It is optional and not installed in the standard motor. Motor thermal overloads protection is a temperature controller which use bimetal as temperature sensing element, when electric equipment works normally, bimetal is on free condition, contact point is on close/break condition; when temperature arise to operating temperature, bimetal is heated and produce internal stress and acts quickly, open/close contact point, cut/connect circuit, then it has protection application. When temperature falls to setting temperature, contact point close/break automatically, restore normal work condition.

     Our price is reasonable based on its quality, low - price sale is our strategy. We hope that more and more people will use our efficient crane geared motors. Quality control consists of four processes: manufacturer control + material control + production control + finished product control. We try our best to make Chinese products of high quality and low price.

     Crane Geared Motors are widely used in Metallurgy, water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural equipment, food machinery, petroleum industry, belt conveyor, mixer, mixing machine, automatic production lines, packaging, material handling, papermaking, sugar-making, engineering machinery, construction and other fields. Electromechanical industry, etc. The products are mainly used in end car, bridge crane, bridge crane, tower crane, etc.

    They are also called Reduction motor, Motor reducer, Geared reducer, Geared motor worm reducer, Worm gear speed reducer, Bevel gear reducer, Reduction gears, AC geared motor, Buffer motor, End truck geared motor, End carriage geared motor, Electric motor speed reducer, Motor of crane Helical gear reducer, Motor micro gear reducer, Motor worm gear motor reducer, geared motor for EOT crane, helical geared motor, Reducer for crane.


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Detailed Description
1. Reduction gear

 The gear box is made of cast iron(FC25) with high tension, and manufactured by computer numerical control machinery(CNC LATHE&CNC machining center), which leads it to accurate precision. The gear is made of Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel (SNCM220&SCM415) with heat treatment of vacuum and carbonnitriding. The shaft is manufactured by alignment and grinding, which makes it high accurate. It possesses high abrasion and strike resistance. The safety factor is up to 5 times or more, and the service life is long.

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2. Buffer
 Adopting soft starting and flywheel buffer to produce high inertia movement. Both starting and braking are stable and smooth, which makes goods not shaking.

Crane Geared Motor1-3.jpg

Crane Geared Motor1-4.jpg

3. Motor
 Motor has the advantages of high performance, high torque. Besides, motor ensures quick heat dissipation and resistance to high voltage ranks more than 1500v. It is also provided with other advantages: low current, small size, strong output power, and high operation frequency.

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4. Electromagnetic brake
 Direct current brake possesses strong braking force. Bolt controls braking force directly, and adopts braking pad with high wear resistance to make it with high safety, long service life, and strong stability.

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5. Buffered crane geared motor speed
 The output rotational speed marked on the crane geared motor is a reference value. Rated output speed of the gear motor can be calculated on the basis of the rated input rotational speed of the motor and the gear reducer. The actual output speed is related to the load and power supply source of the motor.

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6. Noise level
 The noise level of all gear reducer and motor is within the maximum allowable noise ranges as required in the related standards. The gear reducer has a noise level that conforms to VD12159 and the motor to EN60034.

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7. Painting
 Standard painting is green and safety blue, epoxy paint, which in compliance with the DIN 1843 standard.

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8. Corrosion resistant coating
 For applications where extreme humidity or chemical corrosion might be present, we will apply special coating to the geared motor surface prior delivery.  

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9. Thermal overloads could be installed in the motors
 It’s optional and not installed in the standard motor. There are two kinds of thermal overloads protection as follows. Both of them are have the function of controlling circuit starting and letting main circuit break, when motor temperature arise to limit, it has protection application.
 ① built-out, built inside electric control cabinet.
 ② built-in, built inside motor winding when wind. (normally used)

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 1.Some explanation for catalogue

  1. Speed 14.1m/min, means if use this type gear module and teeth in pinion of motor, the end carriage traveling speed will be 14.1m/min.

  2. Rotation speed 133R/MIN, means the output shaft can run 133 circles per minute (revolutions per minute)

  3. The end carriage speed depands on motor, not on wheel.

  4. 2 pole motor is unavailable.

  5. Brake coils, For dual voltage, default voltage for brake coil is high voltage. such as reconnectable 230/460V, Default is 460 volt brake coils.

  6. Different type wheel could use same motor, but premises is that wheel module should be same as motor module, then they can match.

  7. There is no relationship between wheel teeth and motor teeth.

  8. Bigger pinions for higher travelling speeds, The end carriage speed will be double as the motor teeth grow double.

  9. Speed = π×outlet motor rotation speed×outlet motor teeth/wheel teeth×wheel diameter (ID)


 ① Adopt contact sensing temperature type installation, in other words, built inside motor winding when wind. 

 ② Plastic cement or metal shell collapse or deformed is prohibited, in order to avoid affect its function. 

 If motor thermal protection relay is in the motor, power supply will switch off automatically in 105 degree which set in motor. 

 If not in the motor, motor thermal protection relay will judge temperature by electrical current.

3.After-sale service 

 We promised to repair the crane geared motors regardless of if they are caused by defect or misuse only if you have a problem in the first 12 months of ownership.If any problem, take picture or video, contact us, we will provide technical information timely to help you find out the reason. it is our responsibility, we will provide relevant parts, and instruct you to repair it. 

 Crane geared motors will be filled by foam and crated together to avoid broken when it delivery. Besides, motors could be rotated, left and right are in mirror, packed in one box when delivery. The most important is that using name Reducer (or geared motor) instead of motor in label, since motor need to be commodity inspected by commodity inspection bureau, but reducer do not need. 

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 We provide the crane geared motors with the color of blue, green, yellow and red or as your requirements as much as possible.

  For the spare parts of crane we deliver, we’d better write spare parts of crane (actual item) as side mark in the plywood case such as spare parts of crane (wheel), spare parts of crane (geared motor), in this case, the risk of inspection by custom is less compare to spare parts of crane, there is no relation between the item we appear in side mark and BL, we can use same item or different item, custome do not check BL, neither do they check the side mark if not inspected, spare parts for other mahcinery is same as this.
   The chinese item for custom declaration should be same as what appeared in VAT.

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Technical info


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