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End trucks are the actuating device which is vital to make sure the whole crane to travel across the total span of the bay, to be used for single or double girder bridge crane (overhead crane). End trucks are very suitable for the loading or unloading transferring works in railway or outdoor. There are top running bridge crane end trucks and underhung Crane end trucks.


• Compact and smooth body, small size, light weight and rugged construction

• Nice appearance with reasonable and professional design, accurate dimensions, top beauty

• High and safety working performance, precision move and stop smoothly

• Easy to install and dismantle, easy to change parts when broken and strong rigidity

• Smooth, convenient and ergonomic operation to make customers easy to master

• Modular production, which decreases the cost and improves the products’ quality

• Wide range of diameters, wheel bases and wheel channels are more suitable for load jobs

• Three-in-one structure, steady and reliable cranes make the jobs more safe and secure

• Powered by CLES motor-gearboxes makes the products become more cost-effective

• Interver-fed drives make the variable-speed travel motions up to 63m/min

• Equipped with Anti-friction bearings sealed to protect from dust, well-lubricated for long using

• Pole-changing cylindrical-rotor brake motors for travel can reach the speed of 12.5/50/min

• High-quality built-in stopper fully adapts to the photoelectric, and makes the load jobs more safe

• Use geared reduction motor to drive crane provid more safety for our products

• 42CrMo alloy forged wheels provide the great wear resistance and shock resistance

• 12 months warranty is our most important commitment to customers

• Environmentally friendly, pollution-free, low noise and power consumption

Capacity                       1Ton-15Ton
Length                          1.5m-3.5m
Usage                            Overhead crane drive
Drive Mode                    Motor
Speed                            10&20, or as per your request
Material                         Q235B or Q345B
Power Supply               220v-700v, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, single or dual voltage
H.S. Code                      84314999
Color                             Yellow, orange, Blue,Green 
Duty Cycle                    40%ED
Certification                  ISO, CE, SGS                                       
Sling Type                     Power trolley
Control  Method           Cabin, Handle, Remote control
Insulation class            F
Average thickness       About 100 microns
Work duty                     FEM2M or higher
Standard                       GB/T 3811-2008 (≈ISO 4301-80 ≈ISO 4302-81)


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 End trucks are the actuating device which is vital to make sure the whole crane to travel across the total span of the bay, to be used for single or double girder bridge crane (overhead crane). End trucks are very suitable for the loading or unloading transferring works in railway or outdoor. Our end trucks are well-established with a solid and reliable reputation, which feature smooth power-in action.

 Crane End trucks are the small and light machine with simple structure and wide application. They are easy to install or dismantle, and also easy to master, End trucks are the driving mechanism to gantry cranes and overhead cranes. There are two end trucks which are installed at both ends of the main girder to support the bridge cranes running overhead. They have the function of sustaining, which to make sure the main girder can run longitudinally along them, and the lower space is used for operating the lifting machinery. Therefore, the high-quality and high-performance end trucks play a crucial role in the operation of bridge crane.

 We have the ability to manufacture and sale high-grade end trucks under the help of some experienced professionals. End trucks have the heavy duty structure, stable wheel and high-efficiency driving mechanism, which are the important components of our products. Our steel structure is made from welded box type construction or structural hollow section, which makes the products to become more hardened. What’s more, the structure’s steel is Q345B or Q235B. These two types of steel can prolong our products service life and provide more safety to load jobs. 42CrMo alloy forged wheel is used in our end trucks. Besides, our products are equipped with 7 different diameters from 125mm to 500mm, which can fully satisfy the customer’s requirements. The end trucks are also equipped with jacking pads. They can provide the easy removal of individual wheels with minimum effort. The driving mechanism includes motor and gearbox, which is used geared reduction technology to drive the crane. It has the function that make the products become more cost-effective and low-noise.

 Our end trucks have the high-precision and one-step wholistic processing. The European driving design makes the products look more pretty, and provides direct driving for works. The connection plate is adjustable. It makes end trucks more suitable for any type of cranes. Furthermore, we can provide the various specifications to meet the per needs of our customers. They operate at standard (typically 30m/min) or dual speed. Normally, they can work better at the ambient temperature from -20℃ to +40℃(though there are some possibilities to have other working temps on customer’s request).

 There are two kinds of end trucks, the one is the top running (top-riding, Europe style, our normal one), and the other one is the underhung. Both of them have the same high-quality components. But actually each of them has their own advantages in application. The top running end trucks are more suitable for the single or double girder bridge crane, because they are divided into the two types which have one or two connection plate. Their connection plate is adjustable to apply the different size of main girders. But compared with the top running end trucks, the underhung’s can be appropriate for different size of runway rail, and they are more safe than the top running’s. Our company provide both the two kinds of end trucks for the customer. The most important is that we can send samples to customers for testing and examing before they confirm the order, which can give customers a chance to know a lot of details about the products by themselves.

 This kind of end trucks is widely used in Machining industry, wind power industry, automobile industry, papermaking industry, steel industry, matering handing and shipping industry, metallurgical and petrochemical industry. They are also applicable for the wide range cranes, such as bridge crane, gantry crane, overhead cranes and other types of cranes.

 End trucks are also called End Carriages, Crane endtruck, Boogey endtruck, Single girder endtruck, Double girder endtruck, Single Track Power Trolleys, End girder, End beam, Bridge crane end truck, Overhead end carriage, Overhead crane end carriage, Crane end carriage, Motorized overhead end carriage, Urethane wheel motorized overhead end carriage, Motorized overhead double girder end carriage, Urethane wheel motorized overhead double girder end carriage, Geared type manual overhead end carriage, Low head end carriage, End trucks for bridge cranes, End trucks for overhead cranes, high end trucks, Under slung crane end trucks.

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Detailed Description

 Heavy duty structure is made from the high-quality steel Q235B or Q345B which has a high performance and can be used longer.

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2.Rubber buffer
 Protect the track from accidental collision and impact.

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 42CrMo alloy forged wheel is wear resistance and stable, and has different diameters which from 125mm to 500mm accord in to wheel pressure. The wheelbase to span ration is 8:1(US market).

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4.Wheel Block
 Wheel block is fixed at the end of the end carriage to ensure the movement of the crane along the path or rail. It is divided into the non-driving and driving wheel. Our end trucks combine the driving wheel with the non-driving wheel to provide high-efficiency for load works.

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5.Rail sweep
 It is a notch on the bottom of the plate that covers the ends of the endtrucks that would "sweep" any obstruction that may be on the rails. It enables the smooth travel of the crane and make the load jobs more safe.

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 Geared reduction motor for crane drive, three in one driving mechanism is optional.
 About motor quality: for meeting different customers demand, we have two kinds of motor for end truck. One is standard conical lifting motor which is manufactured by the most famous China motor factory “Nanjing Special Motor Factory”, the other one is the new safety motor “Softer Start motor” which is popular for most of customers nowadays.

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 The gears of gearbox are ground and hardened which are completely immersed in oil and enclosed in a casing.

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8.Anti-Crane Collision Device
 Anti-Crane collision device which coupled with the reflector plate to control the motion of the crane. The device with high-quality can timely send the signal when the reflector plate is near, which can protect the works from many hidden danger.

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9.Mechanically-operated cross limit switch
 Professional-designed limit switch can effectively limits the travel distance of the crane in case it is out of control, prevents its accidental collision with other objects coming in the way.

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10.Connection Plate|Connect with the girder
 By welding or strength bolts, we can leave the bolt hole according to your demands. It is longer than 11.8m (40’ container inside length). Rectangular tube legs or welded by superior steel plates, 10.9 class High tension bolts mounting between girder and legs.

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11.Guide Rollers
 Guide rollers have the function of guiding the end carriage on the track, which can keep the slipping of the end carriage along the track.

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12.Control Pendant
 Control pendant which controls all the motions of end carriage, has push buttons and emergency stop button. It has different number of control buttons, like 4-way, 6-way and 8-way, default does not include this, please inform us if you need.

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13.Closing Plate
 High-quality closing plate make our end trucks become more safe and secure.

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  1. Packing
     End truck and motor will be filled by foam and crated together to avoid broken when it delivery. Besides, main steel structure will be packed by plastic woven cloth, and electric parts motors will be putted in high-quality plywood crate.

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      2. Paint
          Products are primer and finishing paint, antirust. The top coat color can be changed according to customers’ requirements.


          a, Before using, must check the components such as wheel, motor, gearbox and other important parts to make sure they operate normally and safely.

          b, The end trucks’ maintenance, repair and servicing are allowed only by the specialized person who have been trained.

          c, Our end trucks are not suitable for the continuous using and mechanized drive. The substances which are explosive or aggressive also can not use end trucks to load jobs.

          d, At least once a year, the end trucks must be examed by a professional person to make sure the safety.

      4.Bearing capsule and gearmotor(drive motors and gearboxes) included in the end trucks, but controls (Control Panels For Bridge Travel) or Pendant Stations excluded.

Quotation for 2ton single girder overhead crane end carriage

Inquiry for 5 ton top running set of end trucks

Technical info

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