Electric hoist life extension

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In order to prolong the service life of electric hoist, electric hoist should first trial run before used, here, introduce electric hoist test run before the need for preparation.

1. All mechanical parts, products, equipment, electrical lines and equipment have been press equipment technical documents and specifications of CB50278-98 standards of procedure make installation and commissioning.

2, Electric hoist before commissioning shall be submitted to the local technical supervision departments and the owners, supervision of professional staff participated in the trial operation inspection and acceptance in the whole process.

3, Trial operation, should be provided to each commissioning procedures, and accurate, all the results of trial run due construction, supervision, construction unit three party representative authorized signature.

4, Crane did not obtain technical supervision departments use permit, shall not be delivered for using.

5, Before commissioning inspection, air load test run.

6, The electrical system in the safety interlock device, brake, lighting and signal system installed, and in accordance with the standards, the simulation test action should be sensitive, accurate, and reliable.

7, Steel wire rope end fixed and the hook, a pulley block and a winding on the reel should be correct, reliable.

8, All lubricating points and reducer new filling lubricating oil and grease resistance, model and quantity should be consistent with the equipment technical file in the set.

9, The movement mechanism of disc brake wheel, check the brake clearance and the working stroke is in accordance with the equipment technical regulations, otherwise should be adjusted, the two brakes pad and the brake wheel space shall be uniform.

10, Operating mechanism operating direction ( controller ) and electric hoist agencies running direction. Starting motor, its operation shall be normal, vehicle operation, should not the rail clamping action should be accurate, reliable, brake.

11, The test run, the action times shall be not less than 5 times, and action should be accurate, otherwise may not be under the test run. Electric hoist air load test run after qualification, shall submit to the local technical supervision agencies to apply, can static load, dynamic load test run, and commissioning before the technical supervision, engineering supervision, owners and other aspects of professionals to develop trial operation period, test method. And to participate in the trial operation of the whole process and trial run of the final audit work.

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