​Features of 10 ton wireless crane scale

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The10-ton wireless crane scale, also known as wireless belt printing hook scale, is a weight conversion component with a high-precision sensor. Combined with the crane system, it has a beautiful, solid shell, anti-vibration and impact resistance, and good waterproof performance. Good anti - electromagnetic interference performance, can be used directly on electromagnetic chuck. Can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, light industry, port, transportation, electric power, storage and other departments weighing and precision batching places, can be highly efficient to complete the weighing and monitoring of goods to be weighed.

Features of 10-ton wireless crane scale:

 1, All steel structure shell, beautiful, strong, anti-vibration, anti-collision, anti-electromagnetic interference, waterproof performance is good;

 2. The body of the scale adopts the special sensor of the patented product LN crane scale;

 3. Excellent dynamic performance, stable and accurate weighing results can be obtained quickly even under strong shaking;

 4, 20 key membrane touch touch keyboard, longer life, sound beep remind, more convenient and flexible operation;

 5. Adopt lsi design, stable and reliable performance, perfect functions, smaller size and stronger intelligence;

 6. The outer surface is fully nickel plated, anti-rust and anti-corrosion;

 7. Antenna protection device and anti-collision shedding;

 8, Battery box fixed frame around the protection and spring switch, careful service;

 9. Fixed gasket lifting ring on the top of the housing, which is what the customer wants;

 10. The wireless data transmission distance is over 100m without blocking, with its own signal strength and power supply monitoring system;

 11. The working temperature can be customized according to the user's requirements.

 12. 10-ton wireless crane scale is powered by 6V/4Ah nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery;

 13, Ac and Dc dual-use, built-in charging circuit, connected to ac automatic charging, real-time clock circuit, power off protection.

Electronic crane scale is one of the very convenient scale, have to say it is nimble and convenient, and cute, so get a lot of users welcome. You must have a good maintenance of electronic hook scale, a lot of people but don't know this. I have a lot of people so maybe even against, argues that modern science and technology is very developed, electronic crane scale not maintenance can also be used for a long time, why care. If you have this in mind, it would be wrong. Electronic crane scale must maintain, but also a good maintenance, daily weighing, we maintain only basic knowledge and lift a finger.

Electronic crane scale instrument without electricity, there will be a battery undervoltage symbols, shall be immediately charged, it will guarantee the life of the battery. The first three time charge 10 to 12 hours, ensure the battery fully activated, after four to six hours per charge. The battery damage will affect the service life of the instrument inside the battery and the stability of the instrument display digital performance. When the instrument shows garbled, first check whether the joint is loose, cable has not damaged, such as wire and connector is no problem, can be corrected through simple, general can solve the problem.) There are detailed remarks on the operation manual for simple correction.

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