​Electronic crane scale bearing platform installation to focus

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Electronic crane scale bearing platform installation to focus

 Electronic crane scale can be installed generally on the line of the crane, so the line of the load-bearing platform installation when the key? Take a look at this article and it will tell you something.

 Step 1: install the electronic crane scale bearing frame

 First of all, the two main beam, namely i-steel, on a flat on the cement floor or pit insurance pier longitudinal parallel arrangement, with longitudinal beam and beam respectively according to the drawing technical requirements of the bearing assembly for rectangular, length * width size is 5960 mm * 2430 mm, adjust the diagonal dimension is equal, tighten bolts all fittings, wants firm, stable and reliable. Then, repeat the measurement of the above size and diagonal, the whole bearing frame must not have bending, deformation and other abnormal phenomenon.

 Step 2: install the bearing foot of electronic crane scale

 Turn over the lifting machinery for the supporting frame (e.g. do not need to turn over the safety pier in the pit) and install the supporting feet. Pay attention to bearing feet. When installing weight-bearing foot on the outside of the main beam, should be raised to 130 mm block, then 4 bearing feet in height difference of 130 mm (based on bearing slot), each pair of bearing knife bearing, bearing feet should be in a straight line, two of the inner and outer bearing its foot bearing slot should be between two parallel horizontal plane, the center of the four bearing foot line length * width should be 5400 mm * 2300 mm rectangle, diagonal distance should be equal, connecting bolts must tighten, solid, stable and feasible. After checking the whole bearing device is qualified, turn it over and move it into the foundation pit, making it fall into the key knife of the first electronic crane scale lever slowly and gently.

 When the supporting frame falls into the foundation pit, check the contact state between the dead corner tool holder and the first electronic crane scale lever key tool. One is to close, both sides of the knife and knife bearing should also close, pay attention to there should be no missing place or semi-contact phenomenon. If necessary, an appropriate backing plate (usually no more than 2mm or two pieces) can be placed between the weighing frame and the main beam. Then cover the plate with screw fastening, so that there are 10~15mm gap between the plate and the foundation pit.
 At this point, all the electronic crane scale body installation is ready, the machine can be preliminary debugging.

 When the user in the purchase of electronic crane scale and use for a period of time, it is necessary to the electronic crane scale overall maintenance and cleaning. This can also ensure the normal operation of the electronic crane scale, thus extending the service life. Therefore in the process of maintenance to do a good job in the electronic crane scale cleaning work.

 When cleaning the electronic crane scale, it is recommended to use a dry towel stained with water to wipe, do not use chemical reagent containing benzene and other substances to wipe, to avoid the surface of the electronic crane scale is corroded by these agents. Before using the electronic crane scale to weigh the items, it is necessary to ensure that the electric quantity in the electronic crane scale is sufficient. The staff should pay attention when replacing the battery for the electronic crane scale. After installing the battery, they should tighten the screws and check whether the battery has been firmly fixed on the scale body before they can lock the door of the electronic crane scale.

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