​Design requirements of electronic crane scale network management

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Design requirements of electronic crane scale network management
 The structure of electronic crane scale network management system

 1. Design objective of electronic crane scale network management.

 (1)  Adopt advanced distributed data processing technology to improve the quality, efficiency and standardization of management work.

 (2)  Conduct data management in different levels according to the management system of the enterprise department, and set corresponding permissions for different levels of management crane scales to ensure the reliability and security of the system;

 (3)  With the management system as the platform, realize the data communication between the electronic crane scale and network management, and timely provide accurate data for superior leaders;

 (4)  The data query subsystem for common users adopts the WEB method for information release, and the content of the query will cover various parts of the electronic crane scale.

 2.  Electronic crane scale network management module.

 (1)  Electronic crane scale plan management module

 (2)  Electronic crane scale operation management module

 (3)  Electronic crane scale information management module

 Two, electronic crane scale network management of the main operating mode.

 1.  Information collection and statistics.

 2.  Select and operate the electronic crane scale.

 3.  Information query mode.

 Electronic crane scale users are often in use, some users use the electronic crane scale time is longer, some use time is shorter. Can appear such phenomenon, lie in the rationality of electronic crane scale operation.

 1.  Hold the lifting ring or add auxiliary tools to weigh the ring. Never hold the  shell scale with your hand, otherwise it will lead to the error of weighing display.

 2.  The electronic crane scale should be in the vertical direction every time it is started up for self-examination before use, so that no human error will be generated;

 3.  Avoid violent collision and impact in the process of using the electronic crane scale to avoid the appearance damage of the product;

 4.  Replace the battery in time to avoid automatic shutdown when the battery is insufficient;

 5.  If the electronic crane scale is not used for a long time, take out the  battery, so as not to cause battery leakage and damage the product circuit;

 6.  The shell of the electronic crane scale adopts ABS engineering plastic. When cleaning, please use soft cloth and clean water or detergent to wipe it.

 The electronic crane scale has been calibrated with standard weights before delivery. In case of recalibration, please contact the local metrology department or the factory or its authorized agent. Please do not adjust by yourself.

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