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Jib crane is the earliest type history of tower crane, which experienced a paragraph of brilliant history. From industrial construction to civilian architecture, from the shipyard to port, from the steel structure building to power plant construction, jib tower crane plays a great role. Jib crane's development history, not only by a national industrial level, at the same time and the economic development of a country, culture and the overall level of science and technology related. After the second World War, the postwar reconstruction led to the tower crane development, the building height is not high, rail line, slewing boom type tower crane domination. In nineteen fifties, with the increase in high-rise buildings, appeared on the rotary jack-up movable arm tower crane. Nineteen sixties, large and medium-sized tower crane, jib tower crane market share accounted for nearly 70% of. But from the nineteen seventies, trolley tower replaced the position of luffing jib tower crane.

In order to adapt to market needs, requirements for tower crane with greater flexibility, the Australian carrier, Kessel ( OttoKaiser ) in the nineteen sixties presents an unusual concept - HBK series tower crane jib tower crane bent, can realize the trolley / luffing jib mixture, greatly improving the utilization rate of the equipment, so that the tower crane design to the humanized design stepped solid one step. Its advantage is: when the tower crane in the trolley jib position, its working range is the biggest; when the lift arm rack, with no additional tower body section of the case, the boom in minutes you can change to increase the height of the tower body, widened greatly the function of the device and the working range, applicable to the cooling tower, television tower and the skyscrapers and other buildings construction. Folding jib tower crane appeared, the trolley type and luffing jib type crane limits not clear, but its cost is common to high tower crane.

With the development of economy, the dense buildings, the tower crane limited working space. Based on the development of high-rise buildings, the new formulation of airspace right licensing system and cross for neighbor territory disputes and other factors, force people to change the traditional idea, from the trolley is changed to boom, for the tower crane operation to create favorable space, promoting various types of tower crane with luffing boom of transformation and development, the world production of tower crane manufacturers in the design are considered these factors, developed corresponding improvement type tower crane. The movable arm tower crane, when the boom luffing, which will generate additional static load torque, trying to balance the torque will greatly improve the tower crane lifting capacity, it is obviously very important. The mechanical solution is to move the weight, and with the actuating arm pitching when desired counterweight to adapt. The method has the following 3 kinds: ①wire rope mobile counterweight method; ② using the action of the connecting rod, the balance weight moving; ③ the hanging weight, lifting arm linkage device, mobile counterweight to achieve.

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