​The main advantages and characteristics of electronic crane scale

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The main advantages and characteristics of electronic crane scale

Advantages of electronic crane scale

1. Reduce the operation link, accelerate the measurement speed, save manpower, material resources and time. The electronic crane scale enables the cargo to be measured in the process of lifting and loading and unloading.

2. It does not occupy the space and is convenient and flexible to use.

3. The measurement work can be carried out continuously and play a monitoring and control role. Such as in the non-ferrous industry electrolytic workshop, metallurgical casting occasions, can timely monitor aluminum (steel) water  package aluminum (steel) water weight, to achieve the maximum use of equipment, energy saving purposes.

4. Realize remote transmission of measurement data and centralized monitoring, so that people can leave the harsh and dangerous working environment.

5. Easy to combine with crane control system to reduce post setting. The electronic crane scale developed by our company is suitable for electrolytic aluminum workshop, which is organically combined with the remote control of the crane.

6. Convenient metrological verification and simple error correction.

7. Multiple functions, high accuracy, strong anti-cheating, low maintenance costs.

8. The crane scale of the hook head affects the lifting height of the crane, and the crane operation is affected by the transformation and maintenance of the crane for the traveling type and axle seat type. The embedded system is to install a weighing link in a certain part of the crane, without affecting the lifting height or the crane operation.

Characteristics of electronic crane scale

1. The dynamic instrument, in addition to retaining all the conventional performance, specially adds the dynamic processing program for the user free of charge, to ensure that the accuracy of dynamic use occasions such as wharf loading and unloading can be compared with the static accuracy.

2. All-steel shell, impact resistant, anti-electromagnetic interference, can be used in strong electromagnetic field environment (such as electromagnetic chuck, medium frequency electric furnace).

3. The meter simultaneously displays the current weight, accumulated weight, accumulated times, current scale body and meter battery capacity, radio signal strength, current time and other information, which is greatly convenient for use.

4. Backlight display, visible at night and day;

5. The display is compact and very suitable for portable use;

6. The Chinese name of the user's unit can be printed on the metering sheet, so that each scale and metering sheet can be "customized" for the user;

7. Weighing results can be classified into up to 256 categories and classified, counted and printed;

8. Built-in Chinese character printer to print complete metering list;

9. The report can be printed according to the date and category;

10. Can store up to 2,730 weighing records;

11. Chinese and English can be selected for printing

12. Kg and lb units of measurement are available

13. Accurate internal clock and calendar.

14. Turn off the power automatically when the scale body is still for 1 hour.

15. Two-way data transmission function. After the weighing display is matched with the ocs-xz crane scale of our company, the crane scale is composed of direct-display wireless combination. In addition to receiving the data sent by the crane, it can also send control information such as return to zero to the crane scale.

16. Optional RS232 output interface.

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