​High temperature electronic crane scale system performance

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High temperature electronic crane scale system performance

 1.  Large screen dot matrix LCD can display all Chinese national standard Chinese characters, English characters, various symbols, etc. Input all Chinese characters, the display is more intuitive and clear, and with a backlight display, easy to use in the absence of lighting.

 2.  The monitor has the function of automatic shutdown.

 3.  Man-machine dialogue, full disk calibration, multiple automatic functions, optional Settings, rich data management, various storage and printing.

 4.  With classified storage function, it can store 100 kinds of goods, each of which can be measured at 99 pounds per time, with a total cumulative number of 1664 times.

 5.  Ac/dc dual-use, built-in charging circuit, connected to ac automatic charging, real-time clock circuit, power off protection.

 6.  It can carry out continuous negative weighing and has the function of accumulation and reduction.

 7.  Overload alarm function, "overload" buzzer alarm is displayed at the top of overload. Undervoltage indication data is maintained, the meter is set after shutdown and the weighing data can be kept.

 8.  Built-in micro printer, printing various forms of pound list, dot matrix printer, can print all Chinese national standard one, two Chinese characters, English, various symbols.

 9.  Built-in frequency synthesis receiver, which can use keyboard frequency modulation and completely interchangeable instruments, adopts international common frequency 230MHZ and 450MHZ.

 10.  Serial interface mode: rs-232, 20MA current loop output, standard rs-232 interface and computer networking communication.

 High temperature electronic hook scale main technical indicators.

 1.  The level of accuracy: national Ⅲ level scale standard ((GB/T11883-2002)

 2.  Display update speed 6 times/second (adjust according to requirements).

 3.  The charging time of the scale body is about 60 hours.

 4.  Wireless transmission distance, no less than 200 meters without blocking.

 5.  Working environment temperature: 1400℃-1.8m,1600℃-2.0m.

 6.  Ambient temperature: <95%R.H.

 7.  Data storage: weighing data can be stored 1664 times.

 8.  Radio frequency segment: 450MHz,64 frequency points.

 9.  Weighing body power supply: 6V/4AH high-energy cadmium-nickel rechargeable battery.

 10.  Instrument power supply: 220VAC/50Hz or internal 6V/ 2.5ah high-energy cadmium-nickel rechargeable battery.

 11.  Safety overload: 150%F.S.

 12.  Destructive overload: 300%F.S

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