​Electronic crane scale parts' maintenance

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Electronic crane scale parts' maintenance

 Judge the fault method of electronic crane scale display

 1. If the electronic scale display without cursor, no display value, this situation is generally power interference.

 (1) Whether the switching 220V power supply is normal.

 (2) Whether the connection between the power cord of the weighing display and the power socket is reliable.

 (3) Weighing whether the fuse of the display is in good condition.

 (4) Whether the digital display tube of the weighing display is normal and whether the connection department is reliable.

 2.If there is no display value, the cursor, this situation is generally the weight sensor and cable connection fault!

 (1) Check whether the output signal of the electronic crane scale weighing sensor is normal.

 (2) Check whether the cable connection between the electronic crane scale weighing sensor and weighing display is reliable.

 (3) Check whether the electronic crane scale body is stuck, and whether the limited loading position is normal.

 (4) Check whether the digital display tube of the weighing display of the electronic crane scale is normal.

 Annual inspection guide for common hook scales.

 Normal hook scale is required annual inspection, only in this way can better ensure the service life of hook scale, so as to better serve their business, so, hook scale annual inspection requirements are what?

 The following is a detailed introduction:

 Annual inspection requirements of common electronic table scales:

 General hook scale will be due to the use of conditions and environment, as well as the aging of some devices, so, the accuracy may be some changes. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly according to the requirements of national metrological technical regulations. If there is no checked or verified effective date of the hook scale, do not use. As we all know, the electronic table scale is mainly composed of three major parts: sensor, structure and circuit.

 Ⅲ under general accuracy from 1/1500 to 1/10000, use double integral A/D conversion circuit can meet the accuracy requirements and have the advantages of strong anti-jamming capability, low cost. Therefore, in the implementation of national metrology laws and regulations, the error of the crane scale itself and the additional error in the use are the problems that both manufacturers and users should pay attention to.

 It is suggested that people should pay attention to the annual inspection requirements of the crane scale, it is best to check the operation of the scale regularly, so as not to delay the normal production work, so that the gain is not worth the loss, if you encounter any problems in the process of annual inspection and maintenance, you can consult a professional maintenance engineer.

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