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Course on the Use of Cage Fall arrester

 The side unloading skip belongs to an inclined shaft hoisting system in the field  of coal mining technology. The system is a lifting system for inclined shaft with fall arrester as safety protection device. Side-unloading skip can not only lift materials, but also personnel. When lifting materials, skip is equipped with lever and unloading board which can automatically open and reset for unloading. When mine personnel need to go up and down, inclined plate is erected and inserted with safety pin, handrails are held up, and can curtain is lowered.            

 Side unloading skip is composed of main rope, buffer, connector, wedge rope clip, lever, grabber, skip body, curtain, ear, inclined plate, unloading plate, lifting rope, etc.            

The working principle of the fall arrester is as follows:            

 In the lifting process of the lifting container, the main rope pulls the main pulling rod up, the beam and connecting plate pulls the tail of the pulling block up, while the head of the pulling block goes down. Because the head of the pulling block is inserted into the hole of the wedge, the wedge pulls out downward. At this time, the gap between the wedge and the brake rope is 5-8 mm.  When the main rope or the connecting device breaks, the spring pulls the head of the pulling block. Up, and drive the wedge upward movement, clamp the brake rope, lift the kinetic energy of the container, will be pulled out from the regulator buffer rope work offset, so that the lifting container stopped  smoothly.            

 In this process, the wedge and the brake rope are pulled by the dialing block to create movement clearance. When the break is lifted, the spring pulls the dialing block and drives the wedge to clamp the brake rope upward, and the movement of the container stops.            

 Under what circumstances is the fall arrester used? Among all kinds of injuries in China, three-dimensional pie chart accounts for the largest proportion of injuries. Most of the reasons are due to the lack of fall arrester or the unreasonable use of fall arrester.           

 Industry status:            

 Usually, before most injuries occur, workers usually use safety belts, life ropes and other safety protection devices. However, they have insurmountable limitations:           

 Firstly, it is not suitable for high-altitude operation with vertical movement; secondly, the scope of operation is limited; thirdly, it is restricted by whether there are solid components above the operation point or whether there are horizontal life ropes near the operation point. As a result, a new type of protective equipment - differential crash preventer came into being.            

 GB50484-2008 Technical Specification for Construction Safety of Petrochemical Construction Projects stipulates that the fall arrester should be used for vertical moving operations at high altitudes.           

 The lockout distance of any drop does not exceed 0.2 meters, which is more reassuring with ease.            

 The working principle and advantages of the differential crash preventer are as follows:           

 The differential crash preventer consists of two systems, namely, suspension system and anti-crash system. The suspension system acts like a fixed point, which reminds me of the steel grab rope that night Rangers often use to throw fixtures and climb high walls. Perhaps this is the inspiration for the first people to invent the fall arrester?            

 When you are working on a long, cageless climbing ladder, you will know how much pressure Galileo's free fall experiment brings you. When welding steel structure columns and beams, the speed differential fall arrester is indispensable. When installing and dismantling high grille board and pattern board at high altitude, when the pipe profile and platform without protective measures are temporarily working near the edge, when the equipment or container with no protective measures is walking or working at high altitude more than 2 meters, the protective system independent of the hanging basket is used when working in the hanging orchid, when crossing two adjacent platforms and structures at high altitude. You will find out how far the fall preventer is from you and how close the danger is to you.

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