3/6/10m Retractable Steel Wire Rope Fall Arrester Self Locking

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Selection Principle of Gear Material for Fall arrester

 There are many kinds of gear materials for fall arrester, and many factors should be considered when choosing them. In most cases, different steel products will be treated differently according to their performance to improve their bearing capacity and impact resistance. For the gear shaft of fall arrester, its impact resistance is the greatest test of its material. The following points elaborate the reference requirements for gear material selection in different industries and different use environments:            

 1)   Gear materials must meet the requirements of working conditions. For example, in order to meet the requirements of low quality, high transmission power and high reliability, the gears used in aircraft must choose alloy silver with high mechanical properties; in mining machinery, gears usually have high power, low working speed and high dust content in the surrounding environment, so cast steel or cast iron are often chosen. Material; Household and office machinery has very low power, but it requires smooth transmission, low noise or no noise, and can work normally under less lubrication or no lubrication, so engineering plastics are often used as gear materials. In a word, the requirement of working conditions is the first factor to be considered when choosing gear material.            

 2)   The size of the gear, the forming method of the blank and the heat treatment and manufacturing process should be considered. Large-sized gears are usually cast blanks, and cast steel or cast iron can be used as gear materials. Forged blanks are often used for gears of medium or lower sizes, and forged steel can be chosen for making them. When the size is small and the requirement is not high, round steel can be used as blank.           

 The main methods of gear surface hardening are as follows: carburization, ammoniation and surface hardening. Low-carbon steel or low-carbon gold-bearing steel should be selected as gear material when carburizing process is adopted; nitriding process can be used for ammoniated and tempered steels; there is no special requirement for materials  when surface quenching is adopted.            

 3)   Normalized carbon steel can only be used to make gears working under stable or mild impact load, regardless of the method of making blanks, and can not  withstand large impact load; tempered carbon steel can be used to make gears working under medium impact load. If some manufacturers want to reduce the production cost of speed difference crash preventer, their internal gears can also be normalized with quenched and tempered carburized steel to increase their surface hardness and meet the standard load.           

 4)   Alloy steel is often used to make gears with high speed, heavy load and working under impact load.            

 5)  Gear transmission in aircraft requires that the size of gear be as small as  possible, and high strength alloy steel with surface hardening should be used.            

 The gear of the high-altitude crash preventer bears the external load by its own structural size and material strength, which requires that the material has high strength, toughness and wear resistance. Because of the complex shape of the gear, the precision of the gear is required to be high, and the material technology is also required to be good. Commonly used materials are forged steel, cast steel and cast iron.

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