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Daily Maintenance of Safety Fall arrester

 The safety fall arrester should be filled with lubricating grease regularly during use. Improve lubrication between gear shaft and sliding bearing.The radial runout of the gear shaft of the safety device should be measured when the safety device has been in use for one year, exceeding 0.6mm. The sliding bearing should be replaced in order to reduce the noise caused by excessive mating clearance. Noise can also be caused by the common normal error of the gear of the safety fall arrester. In this case, we usually check the normal length and radial runout of the gear surface, and the clearance between the gear axis and radial direction to determine the cause of noise.           
 Safety crash preventer should be cautious before using. Although we all know that safety crash preventer is a protective tool for working at high altitude, it is very necessary to ensure the quality and performance of high altitude crash preventer before putting it into use.            

 First of all, we need to check whether the appearance color of the fall arrester has changed greatly, whether the fall arrester has local hardening or whether the metal parts have deformed or not, whether the external corrosion has been received, these factors will have a negative impact on the normal use of the fall arrester.           

 Finally, we need to check whether the seatbelt needle stitches are broken except for the metal parts of the fall arrester, and whether the ribbon is cut off or covered by contaminants.            

 How to deal with acidic and alkaline substances before the falling preventer is stored.           

 It is suggested that the fall arrester should be checked for any damage during use before storage. If the fall arrester is damaged, it can not be put back into storage.            

 If the safety fall arrester has been exposed to acid or alkali, it is recommended that water be diluted or neutralized with appropriate substances before storage.          

  According to the materials of the high-altitude crash preventer and the types of chemicals indicated in D.1.1, you can also consult our manufacturer about the cleaning methods of the crash preventer after it is used in the environment with chemicals.            

 The anti-drop device soaked or cleaned in use should be suspended and air-dried naturally.           

 After installation of the fall arrester, it is necessary to pay attention to the meshing clearance of the rack and gear.Too small clearance may cause meshing interference, produce abnormal vibration and noise, and even damage the fall arrester. This is the first visual discrimination we can make.            

 The fall arrester must be lubricated regularly. It is recommended that you inject  No. 2 calcium-based grease twice a month from the oil cup of the end face of  the gear shaft. There are no lubricating oil holes on the shell of the safety device, and refueling is strictly prohibited.            

 Users may not adjust the position of limit switch and indicator pin of fall arrester by themselves. After the action of fall arrester, the cause of action should be  ascertained, the fault should be eliminated and the fall arrester can continue to operate after recovery. It is strictly prohibited that the fall arrester continue to work in the state of non-recovery.           

 Whether it is used or not, the high-altitude crash preventer should be inspected annually. It can only be used within the validity period of qualified annual inspection.           

 The fall arrester at high altitude is an important protective device for elevators. The fall arrester is calibrated according to the national standard, and its effective service life is stipulated to be 5 years.

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