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Steps for eliminating abnormal noise of fall arrester
 The noise of the fall arrester must be eliminated as soon as it is found. After the abnormal noise occurs, the first thing to determine is whether it is the safety device itself, which is generated internally.The elimination method is as follows:           
 First, compare with the normal operation of the safety fall arrester, find out the reasons. Second, find professional testing units to check and determine whether the noise is generated inside the safety device.           
 Thirdly, the braking performance of the safety fall preventer can be verified by the site fall test, and the safety device that meets the data requirements of the fall test can ensure safe use.           
 Finally, the characteristics of the manufacture and use of the safety fall arrester determine the inevitability and long-term existence of the running noise. The influencing factors of the noise of the safety device are comprehensive. The work of overcoming or reducing the running noise of the safety device needs the cooperation and improvement of the relevant parties. Especially in the use of links, operators should strengthen the learning and practice of technical documents, operating equipment according to the use rules, in order to achieve the desired use effect.           
 Once the noise of the fall arrester is  found, it must be eliminated as soon as possible. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the safety device itself is to check whether there is internal noise.           
 The simplest way is to find a normal safety device, which can be determined by comparing two safety devices.           
 Next is to find a professional testing unit on the test bed according to the speed of the fall arrester operation,check and determine whether the noise is generated inside the safety device. If the initial detection is not caused by the internal noise of the fall arrester, then it is necessary to analyze and find out the causes of the noise from the aspects of installation, debugging, use, maintenance and maintenance.Thus, the safety device that ensures the braking performance of high-altitude fall  arrester to meet the requirements of the data of the crash test can be used  safely.           
 Yesterday, a customer who bought a high-altitude fall arrester reported that there was noise in the use and operation of the fall arrester, and he doubted whether it was a product quality  problem.           
 Today, I will write some articles about noise during the operation of the fall arrester.          

 Chapter, hope to help customers who have purchased high altitude fall arrester to dispel their concerns, so as to avoid excessive tension.           
 Our statistics give you a positive answer, that is, there are many reasons for the noise of anti-falling safety device operation, involving design, manufacture, installation, debugging, use and maintenance, so there is no need for excessive tension in the use of noise. According to our professional guidance, we exclude it in turn.           
 So today we will first analyze the  structure of the fall arrester itself.            
 Because the running parts of the safety fall preventer are supported on two sliding bearings, there is no meshing mechanism which can produce noise inside. Therefore, the noise of the fall  arrester is mainly caused by bad meshing, interference and vibration shock between the gear and rack of the safety device during the operation of the construction hoist cage.

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