Overspeed Fall Arrester for Zlp Suspended Working Platform

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Damage Treatment of Fall arrester Parts 

1. Emergency Measures for Safety Fall arrester Cable Rope Not Retracting           

 Under normal operating conditions, the fall arrester will resume its work immediately while relieving the load. At the same time, the rope should be automatically recovered to the safety fall arrester.            

 If after the load is relieved, the cable rope of the crash preventer is not even recovered to the safety crash preventer shell, we should first confirm the reason.            

 First, to check whether the rope itself is bent, deformed, affecting the recovery performance of the fall arrester, if this situation exists, then the fall arrester is not recommended to continue to use.            

 Secondly, we want to check whether the internal structure of the fall arrester has changed to affect its normal working ability. If there is such a situation, we suggest you contact our sales staff to make regular detection of your fall arrester and contact with potential safety hazards.            

 Third: Whether there are too many oil stains inside the fall arrester, leading to serious slippage when the fall arrester cable retracts. Then we can try after the oil stain treatment. If it returns to normal, we should pay attention to the occurrence of oil stain invasion in the future use process.            

 If any of the above items are checked out, it is recommended that you do not solve them blindly and privately.            

 2. Disposal of Deformation or Damage of Fall arrester Shell            

 The second step in the replacement and deployment series of fall arrester parts is to talk about the most intuitive way to deal with the deformation and even damage of the shell of the fall arrester.            

 There are two specifications of the fall arrester shell: cast iron and cast aluminium fall arrester. Many customers will consult our sales consultants. Whether the cast iron shell will be superior to the cast aluminium shell, whether it is cast iron or cast aluminium shell, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality materials, just according to your different needs to choose products suitable for their own.            

 The cast iron shell of the fall-proof device will crack directly if it reaches the ultimate bearing capacity, because the cast iron is relatively brittle, but the cast aluminium shell is different. The cast aluminium shell will deform slowly after it reaches the ultimate bearing capacity, until the fall-proof device shell reaches a certain bearing limit and bursts open and completely deforms. Moreover, the relative weight of aluminium shell is lighter and rust-proof, which is superior to that of cast iron shell.        

 However, our human body fall arrester has only 1 ton or less of cast aluminium shell, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons of cast iron, because cast iron can withstand greater impact.           

 So, in what circumstances do we need to pay attention to the case when we use it?           

 It is necessary to pay attention to the serious corrosion of the iron shell, and pay attention to the cracks of the main line when the external collision occurs. In this case, it is recommended to consult the crane sales department for replacement. When there are slight cracks between the front and back cover of the aluminium shell, we need to pay great attention to them, because we strictly require the specification of seamless production in the manufacturing process. Once cracks occur, the fall arrester can not reach the original load-bearing capacity. This situation can be sent back to the crane sales department, we will help you repair or replace new products for you.

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